Friday, December 3, 2010

Handmade Crochet Accessories by Julian Bean!!

Friday has come around again, and here I am, with another blog entry ready!

This time, I'm gonna show off a shop that is gonna seem like a godsend for those of you undergoing this lovely new cold wave in Europe, and also for anyone who loves cute accessories!

Let me introduce you to the super crafty Erin and her shop for her crocheted accessories: Julian Bean! Here you can find all sort of warm & cozy wearables like hats, cowls, scarves, ear warmers... all hand crocheted and all custom made in the yarn colour(s) of your choice!

I got myself her Button Slouch Hat, and since you can choose from 24 different yarn colours and a bunch of buttons, after considerable pondering, I went for the eggplant with one black oval and one white star buttons! Erin has great customer service, and it's quite the fast crocheter! In less than two weeks my hat was made and received! Shipping only took a lil over a week, and coming from the US!

I'm absolutely in love with my hat! The eggplant colours is so rich and vibrant, the hat looks great whether you wear it more slouch or not, and the different coloured buttons give it a sort of yin & yang feel & look to it!

Well, I love it so much that I already ordered another hat (cranberry with just one star button) that is sitting at home waiting for me to return home to Spain, and I think I've finally decided on the colour for a button-less hat, finally! Btw, if you check her Etsy shop, you can see yours truly in the custom hat's listing!

Not only this hat is fashionable but it's also super warm, cozy and comfy to wear! I took it with me to our trip to the mountains in Darjeeling, and I sure can tell you I (and my ears) were truly grateful of having it with us!

One last note, remember how I said that Erin is super crafty? Well, she has another two Etsy shops, one called Take Two Skate Shop, where she sells eco-friendly items like jewellry, coaster, pins, magnets and more, made out of old & broke skateboards, a rather cool shop! And the other, it's her original shop, Little Momma Erin, where you can find all kinds of cool geeky accessories!


  1. Pili, I absolutely need a warm hat like yours. Let me tell you that your taste is excellent, this purple colour is awesome. I will take a look at this shop (I didn´t know it) because I´ve lost my hat and I need one, it´s so cold!
    I hope you are enjoying your trip, dear! xoxo

  2. your photos of you in your hat made me get one! i received it yesterday and love it! =)

  3. totally cute! I love the rich color and the buttons! Love the huge buttons =D... you look pretty awesome in it too... =) star button even better =D

  4. thanks so much for featuring my hat! im so glad you enjoy it. it really means a lot to me that you are helping spread the word! <3

  5. Great feature! I can't wait to get my JulianBean slouch hat!!

  6. The purple looks really good on you! I wish I wore hats, but I would need one with a hole for my pony tail :)

  7. erin is so talented- a renaissance woman- that girl can craft it all! :)

    and that purple looks lovely on you!

  8. Hey Pili,
    You look super cute in the slouchy hat. It looks wonderful and so well made.
    It's very cold here too, and woolen hat is a must have now ;)

  9. wow, that is a great hat and it's great on you!

  10. That looks SO cozy (especially since I am shivering here in Chicago!!). :)

  11. Gorgeous hat, I love that color on you! Crochet is just so lovely!


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