Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A small update...

Hey everyone!

There's been a lil disruption to my traveling plans, and also of my blogging schedule. Instead of arriving safely back in Spain on the 17th, my flight was cancelled and I've been stuck in London since. I have to say, that despite the royal pain in the behind the whole experience has been, I continue to think of myself as a really lucky gal.

Just cross your fingers so my flight tomorrow does take off and gets me home, finally!


  1. i'm sorry you've been having so much trouble, pili! hoping all goes well this time around.... :)
    stay safe! and happy holidays!

  2. Pili, dearest, I thought you were in Spain! Sorry to know that you are stuck in London, hope you will be able to return tomorrow.
    I wouldn´t mind to be stuck in London right now, under more pleasant circumstances. :)
    Good luck! Hugs.

  3. Did you make it home yet? My fingers are crossed! :)

  4. Good luck, Pili!! I hope the travel fairies blessed you with their presence and got you home quickly and safely. :-)


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