Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Stellar Cheri Clothing And Accessories!!!

Hello everyone!

EnlaceIt's Wednesday again, and though it means I missed Monday Munchies this week (we were away for the weekend), it also means it's time again for a Wearing Handmade Wednesday entry again!

My amazing StellarCheri messenger bag!

StellarCheri Clothing And Accessories is run by the awesomely talented Cheri, and have been previously blogged here, but since then I've got myself quite a few new pieces, and I just wanted to show off my messenger bag, that went with me to Darjeeling and through all the trotting around here and there has stand the test wonderfully! And you wouldn't believe all that it can hold inside! If you want one, she still has a blue & black one available in her shop too!

Oh, and for the record, I'm also wearing my Julian Bean hat, my MTCoffinz scarf and my AngryGirl Gear Rime of the Ancient Mariner hoodie! ;)


  1. I am absolutely addicted to bags!! Yours is a wonderful size - I don't like them to small or to big.

  2. It looks like it can hold a ton of souvenirs. Great choice for your travels. You look beautiful as always.

  3. Pili, you always wear the best accessories. You are gorgeus! I love your bag. I hope you are doing well in your amazing trip! xoxo

  4. ana voiced my thoughts exactly :)

  5. you know i'm addicted to cheri's bags too - all because of you purchasing that green spider web one! ;)


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