Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: RockerByeBaby!

Wearing Handmade Wednesday is back once again!

RD is quite a lil ladies' man already!

This week I'm sharing a slightly old photo, but one that I adore! RD, G's nephew with his RockerByeBaby blanket!

RockerByeBaby is your shop for not only the most amazing blankets, but also beddings, skullies, tees and all sort of amazing things for babies! And not only for babies and toddlers, but also for adults! I own two of her amazing blankies, and so do G and his mum! If you have a baby coming, or are going to attend a baby shower, check her shop, and your present will be the most awesome of all!


  1. look at all of that hair! what a cutie! :)

    and i concur- rockerbyebaby rocks :)

  2. What a cutie! LOVE the blanket - can never have too many blankies.


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