Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Label of Hope!

Aaaaand it's Wednesday again! Wearing Handmade Wednesday here!

G & me at Deeksha's baby shower, wearing my kimono style Label of Hope top!

This week I'm sharing one of my long time loves in the handmade world, Miss Hope, the gorgeous and talented lady behind Label of Hope!

I discovered Hope's work on eBay and soon started to bid and win some of her pieces, and when she did the the shift to Etsy, I couldn't be happier! I have SO many of her amazing designs, and I've also got myself made some custom ones too! You really need to check her Etsy shop, and if you wanna see her portfolio, check her website! You're sure to fall in love with something!


  1. beautiful top, must check out her work :)

  2. Hope shop is so awesome..cant wait to got money to spend on clothing :)

  3. that shirt is really pretty! and i love that you and the boy totally match, haha :)

  4. I always love looking at photos of you and G. You two are such an adorable couple! And you look smashing in that top.

  5. Just checked out her Etsy, beautiful clothing! Thanks for sharing, Pili!

  6. Hi Pili!
    I can't believe it's handmade!! Making clothes is so hard. I am always trying every year but never really succeed it.
    I must definitely check her shop :D

  7. it's because of you i became a fan of hers a while ago. this top is another great handmade pick by pili!

    and p.s. i'd love to do wearing handmade wednesday too but right now i only have RTZ wear! working on more! ;)

  8. I LOVE that top! It is very, very pretty!


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