Monday, September 20, 2010

Cb Sew: Tardis phone cover!!

Monday again, and nothing better to battle off the Monday Blues than something blue and cool!

As you all have probably gathered already, I'm quite the lil geek and science fiction fan, and if you didn't know it... well, I am!

I recently got myself a new phone, G had been telling me for months that I needed to get a new (and cooler) phone, I had thought of getting an iPhone, but I usually get frustrated with Apple products, and G is a Microsoft guy through and through, so he was pushing for an Android phone.

In the end, after checking out my company's rewards points, we found an pretty decent Android phone that I could get for free! So I got myself the Huawei Ivy and sort of catch up with technology a bit!

Even before I got the phone, once I knew which one I was getting, I went to Etsy and ordered a new cover for the new phone! I went straight to Cb Sew's shop, and her Tardis phone cover that I found doing a search for Doctor Who items! Her phone cover are originally made for iPhones, iPods and iTouchs, but in every listing she says she can make them also for other phones.

And sure enough, I told her that I was getting a new phone and not an iPhone on the message to seller, she convoed me and asked for measurements of my phone, so she could make sure the pouch would fit it! And once again, I got a convo once my pouch was sent. Being kept on the loop is one of those things I really appreciate from Etsy sellers!

My Ivy had to be for a week in my old phone sock, that was a lil small for it, but soon enough my Tardis arrived! And it's amazing, all detailed and I can say I have a Tardis for my phone! Yes, I do geek out a bit about it, but what can I say... I AM a Doctor Who geek!

The phone slips in and out very easily from the cover and it is a lil taller than the phone, so it won't get scratches easily. Also, I can hear the phone ringing perfectly, so not muffled sound or not hearing calls or messages.

Why yes, that's Mr Eric Northman as my wallpaper in my new phone! ;)

If you are not a Doctor Who fan (for shame, really!!) but are still rather geeky, there's plenty more amazing stuff in her shop, even Van Gogh painting's! I think I need me a Starry Night's business cards case...


  1. Our oldest loves Dr. Who :) Me - well I might like it if a actually watched it.
    Congrats on the new phone! We might have to get another one soon too. Hubby drove over one and the other one is getting old.

  2. That cover is awesome!!! Great find.

  3. congrats on your new phone and new case. Isn't it funny how when we get a new technogadget we need something to protect it? I love the cover. Yes, I'm all about Geeking on! :) Good discoveries!

  4. Hi Pili!
    Absolutely love the phone case. I checked the shop and many of the designs really made me smile.
    Congratulations on the new phone. It made me think of looking after my own phone more... LOL! ;)

  5. Dang, that's a cool case! New phones are always so fun!

    Nice wallpaper too, Mr. Eric Northman...sigh...;)

  6. HA! i love that wallpaper. I <3 eric northman hehe. and that is a really cute case too!


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