Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday!: Pet Zombie Creations!

Hello there!

Welcome to yet another installment of Wearing Handmade Wednesday!

My gorgeous Pet Zombie Creations black filigree & cameo necklace!

This week, I'm showing off one of the many amazing necklaces I own, made by the amazing Destry of Pet Zombie Creations! Not only she has one of the coolest names in existence, but she's also amazingly talented! She makes all sort of amazing necklaces, from polymer clay, or metal, and she's been featured showing off some other of her necklaces here!


  1. i COVET that one! it's one of my very favourite PZ necklaces. lucky girl!!! =)

  2. Thanks Pili! It looks wonderful on you!

  3. ooo it looks great! It really matches you =D

  4. Seriously you always have the best stuff. I love that necklace! :)

  5. What a great necklace! LOVE hearts, even zombie ones :)

  6. The necklace is awesome. Its the kind I would happily wear when not at work wearing one of those horrible name holding badges aroudn my neck.


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