Thursday, June 17, 2010

RockyTheZombie & OnCupcake Moon on Cafepress!!

Hello everyone!

How is this sunny Thursday going? I'm enjoying a day off and a cup of Chococcino before lunch is ready.

I will be going to visit my bro, sis-in-law & nephews this afternoon, and will be bringing a dozen of the awesome chocolate cupcakes I baked yesterday, so if I take some pics of my nephews wolfing on them, I'll write a blog entry about said cupcakes tomorrow!

For today, I wanna show off my purchases from Cafepress, two new mugs for all my coffee & tea needs, with the super cute art of two of my favourite talented ladies: Rhi from RockyTheZombie and Deb from OnCupcakeMoon!

Both have a Cafepress shop, and both shops are filled to the brim with all sort of goodies with their cute characters on! I've been thinking of getting a pair of new mugs, and I decided that it was the perfect occasion!

I got myself a Skull Balloons from RockyTheZombie and the Girly Skully Cupcake from OnCupcakeMoon. And though Cafepress doesn't offer tracking or update you via e-mail of when they ship for international orders, both mugs arrived in a pair of weeks and look super cute!

You may call me silly, but since they arrived I decided to only use my Skully Balloons for my teas, and my Skully Cupcake for coffees! ;)

I love both my mugs, and though both are Made in China, I love supporting my favourite Indie artists!


  1. comforting beverages in such cute mugs! i have to add a RTZ one to my collection for my teas and hot chocolates during the cooler months.

    and thank you for your wonderful writeup! =) xoxo

  2. Great mugs!! You can never have too many large mugs for some good coffee in the morning, or any time really :)

  3. So creative! Great design and mugs!

  4. I love this! I'm sorry I haven't been online on a proper computer for a few days so I couldn't reply!


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