Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shopping Handmade: Irene's b-day & goodies for Rudra!

Hello there!

Wednesday has come and I've realized that once again I've neglected the blog for quite a few long days. Work really has been sucking me dry as of late, I'd say...

But here I am! It's been a while since I've done one of my Shopping Handmade features, so here is one!

Last Saturday my friend Irene celebrated her b-day, and as usual, work made it impossible for me to attend, so we met up the previous Sunday so we could chit chat and also I could give her her birthday presents! As always, I love buying handmade, and so I got her a Dolly bag and a super cute RockyTheZombie tee! And since I didn't have a b-day card at hand, I used a super cute gift tag from OnCupcakeMoon!

She absolutely loves both, and was super excited! So, you know people... Handmade gifts are super cool! ;)

An handmade gifts are no only super cool for grown ups, but also for kiddies! I love buying handmade gifts for Gaurav's nieces and nephew, and RockerByeBaby is one of my favourite shops for doing so! Here you can see Mr Cheeky Rudra, sporting his Walk the Plank RockerByeBaby tee!

Now, since today is a cool day, I'll go bake some more cupcakes, and I'll hopefully be back tomorrow!


  1. awww, such wonderful handmade gifts for your favorite people! you know i love RTZ, and that is such a cute tee on Rudra! =)

    and now i have another bag shop to go check out too. i am LURVING irene's new bag! i am seriously starting to believe that comment of yours that we may have been separated at birth!!!!

  2. Lucky Irene to get all those fabulous handmade goodies for her birthday!

    Rudra's adorable as is his tee :-D

  3. those are some awesome birthday presents!

  4. Oh that is so cute!! I love the presents!

  5. Awesome presents! Lucky Irene :)
    I love that bag! x

  6. Rudra is rockin' that tee, too cute!

  7. Your friend looks so adorable in her new presents! You did good, girl! I agree- handmade gifts are the best bet. I always get a positive reaction when I give something unique and handmade. Also, Rudra is quite the handsome little guy!

  8. Wow they are so lucky! Everything is amazing Esp. that bag!


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