Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Cupcake Moon obsessed!!

Hello there!

How did you Monday go? Mine went pretty well, and now that's past midnight over here in hot Spain, I spent the last hours of my Monday baking some awesome cupcakes!

I've had this Mocha Cheesecake cupcakes for quite a while, since my dear Tom from tokyotombola sent it to me, along with my brilliant fruit cozies!

This was my first time making cupcakes with frosting/icing, cause all my previous baking had been muffins and plum cakes. So, they're not perfect in their looks but by Toutatis! they do taste YUM!

So with these lovely cupcakes I wanna show off the awesome cupcake wrappers I got from the brilliant Deb of OnCupcakeMoon, along with amazing thank you cards and the cutest Snow Angel Penguin tags!

You all know I found Deb through the also brilliant Rhi of RockyTheZombie, and actually I should say both me & Deb must be two of the most loyal RTZ customers! Rhi knows that anything she makes in a medium, she should make twice, so we can both have one! ;)

Well, my first order from Deb's shop made me fall in love with her artwork and cards, so shortly after, I asked her to make me a set of thank you cards in Spanish (and another in English) with my favourite of her designs, the Skully Cupcake! There's a lot of super cute stationery out there, but all in English, and I have a bilingual life! So I need cuteness in Spanish! And Deb made me the most awesome cards ever!

And of course, as I've already mentioned, some super cute Snow Angel Penguin (I'm sure the name is self-explanatory, but it's a super cute penguin making a snow angel!).

Aaaand the cupcake wrappers! I got a set of the girlie skully wrappers, and a mixed set of boy & girl turtles! Do you love them as much as I do? Well, not only they're available at Deb's Etsy shop & website BUT you can also win some if you head over to her blog for her Cupcake Wrapper Giveaway!

I've only done one cupcake for photography purposes, but tomorrow I'll be dressing them all up for my friends dropping by for coffee & chit chat!

And this just the beginning, Deb & me have been working on some secret plans that I can't wait to show you off, in another proper blog entry once I get everything! One hint, I'm sure you all guys will love it!


  1. ooooooh those look so yummy, and the wrappers are so cute:)

  2. you know just how to make someone's night when things haven't gone anywhere near to plan... THANK YOU!!!! i wish i could share in your absolutely yummy looking cupcakes and i hope you finally were able to get yourself some good sleep. HUGS!!!

  3. aaah, your guests will be totally impressed! everything looks great!

  4. The cupcakes look so delicious! Wish I could bite off!

  5. How CUTE! The cupcake wrappers are such a neat idea. And I can't wait to hear what kind of fun plans you've got to tell us about. I'll be watching!

  6. Yummy looking cupcakes! Oh, I think you are also stung by the baking bee ;)
    The handmade cupcake wrap is so cute. What a great idea for a special gift!

  7. Oh my gosh...those are ridiculously cute!! I wish you could sent one of those cupcakes to the US! Yum!!

  8. they look delicious and Deb those wrappers and tags are truly fabulous!!

  9. Those cupcakes look amazing!! LOVE the wrappers - what a great idea!

  10. Yummy!! And Deb's work is simply adorable! I might have to have a cupcake party myself and get some awesome supplies from her.

  11. yumm, they look great. And they are cute drawings.

  12. Love the cupcake wrappers! so cute!
    The cupcakes look delish :)


  13. My stomach is growling now all thanks to your yummy looking mocha cupcakes!! I swear I can smell them from here! Oh mine, or am I hallucinating?? I hope I'll get to eat one of those if I visit Spain one day. *Hint hint. ;)


  14. I love that you got cards in both languages. So cute!

  15. those are SO CUTE. way better than normal pastel or silver cupcake wrappers :)


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