Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Esther's Birthday

Finally, I'm on holidays!

And to start the time off properly, I had lunch with my fellow nurses & friends since nursing school (that makes us friends for over 9 years) and had a great time!

I also took the change to hand out some b-day presents for two of said friends, the first of them being Esther, whose birthday was on the 19th this month, but since we always have issues with our schedules, only now we had managed to meet!

As usual, I turned to Etsy looking for something unique and amazing that would match her interests, and would not be whatever typical stuff you can find in any mall.

She has a huge love for writing, and always keeps diaries and agendas with mementos for special occasions, and I thought that a handmade journal would be perfect, so I turned to a shop I had been stalking for a loooong time: Kreativlink. I got lucky and found an awesome Horus journal that is perfect for Esther since she's a huge lover of all Egyptian things like myself!

She absolutely loves it, and commented on how the size is perfect for always taking it with her, and how it's almost too great to actually write on it!

Her second gift I had to think over a lil more, but since she's a huge lover of all things cute, and also a huge lover of all things Japanese since she started studying martial arts a pair of years ago, I got her this amazingly cute Geisha pillow from MyMimi, that can be used as a mini-pillow, decorative or stress-reliever!

I think she was pretty pleased with her loot, and I was really happy to once again managed to shop handmade and score with it!


  1. That's so sweet.. and the package looks so pretty too :)sagoto

  2. Thats so cute...i love that little pillow

  3. oohhh...I heart that pillow, too! Mega cute! I think Amber may need one of those......

  4. Oh wow! I always love to see the people who will use my books! Happy Birthday Esther!! :D


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