Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pins & Cards by LiPeony!

It's Wednesday, and even if you can't believe it, I'm back to post a new blog entry!

Today I've discovered how much of a good idea switching to shooting RAW and using Lightroom was... I had intended to dedicate the afternoon to pic-taking since I have quite a bunch of things to photograph for blogging, but since my mum reminded me we had the Christmas foods shopping to finish, all the natural light was gone when we came back home.

I decided to switch on the light and start shooting, since I can now tweak the white balance settings and the like, and even with the not too good conditions, I have to say I managed some really nice shots!

I really wanted to show off some super cute stuff I got from LiPeony today and a pair of weeks ago, and if you are regular readers, maybe the name would sound familiar (I got a set of super cute and fun bookmarks from her, Mark the bookmark!).

She has all sort of cute things in her shop, from prints & ACEOS to cards and felt pins!

On my latest orders I've got myself some ACEOS, cards and super cute felt pins, and those are the ones I want to show off!:

Her cards are hand stamped and drawn, with the cutest alien robots! There are lots of different designs, but I fell in love with these two:

Alien Robot Love

Party Chicks

Aren't they super cute?

But, if we are talking cute, her hand-sewn felt pins are on the top of cuteness! She has a lot of animals, and even some Holiday-related ones, like a lil snowman and a gingerbread man!

I got greedy and got myself three:

Red panda

Giant panda

& Mr Penguin!

I thought of maybe sharing them, but I'm not sure if I can part with them, so maybe I'll just get more as gifts! ;)

Tomorrow I plan to take pics with natural light since there are no errands to run, and the cooking of Christmas dinner will be once the daylight is gone, by 6 pm over here. Hopefully, it'll mean another blog entry!


  1. thank you so much for the blog mention and I'm so happy you love the items XD

  2. I love love love cute notecards! The party chicks are so awesome!

    And I need an address from you, missy, so I can send you cards!


  3. AAww, they are so cute!
    This year I was not very good with Christmas cards.... I will make sure that I am more organized next year tho.
    Wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!
    *big Christmas hugs*

  4. ALL of them are super cute! That's the something we like and we'll end up keeping them for ourselves. Lol.

    Thank you so much for including my postcard in your Christmas, Pili! It's really awesome to see my own work in a VIDEO! I'm going to show it off in my next blog post!! Hee hee. Hope your holiday was great. :)



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