Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 35

Hi there!

How's the weekend going? Hope you all are enjoying it, if you don't have to work! I, for one, am having the weekend off, which is a rare occasion and I'm enjoying it doing a pair of things that I love, taking photos and reading!

Last night I finished "Murder In The Orient Express" and before than "The God of Small Things", today I plan to tackle some Sherlock Holmes (in preparation for the Holmes movie to come) and also to write some Christmas cards for family & friends.

Yesterday we both managed to finish our Sunday Shots, quite ahead of schedule! Both of them with sort of a common theme, though not exactly!

Gaurav's shot showing him thoroughly enjoying the snow:

Mine's showing off the gorgeous resin snowflake that miss Marykitten of BlackKittenAccesories sent me!:

Hopefully more blog entries to come next week since it's not so work-filled like the last!


  1. I love your guys' shots! You look so warm...I bet G's jealous! LOL


  2. Your shots are so cute this week! Gaurav's made me giggle, and the snowflake in your photo is so beautiful! I've been reading a lot this weekend too, which has put me in a very good mood. I'm reading a book about a near-death experience, and it's really moving.

  3. Is that how snowflakes look like when you see them closely? I read from a website that snowflakes come in many different interesting shapes. I wish I can see it for myself. I'm sure I will someday. :)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful snow pics again!


  4. LOL! Love the snowy photo of Gaurav!
    The snowflake is so dreamy :D
    It has snowed here in London yesterday. It didn't settle but is absolutely freezing!!

  5. These are both great! I love the snowy beard, lol!

  6. Hehe, is Gaurav practicing to be Santa?

    You guys are so cute!



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