Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 37 (Monday Edition)

Hi there!

Yup, once again Sunday Shots are late, and once again, it is entirely my fault, but I can promise you that since I'm gonna be on holiday for 5 days, from Wednesday on, I'll be updating the blog for often, and I'll have Sunday Shots ready for Sunday this week!

Last week I finally got a wireless remote shutter for my camera, so now I can take pics of myself without having to set up the timer and running from the back of the camera to the front! And that's exactly what I'm showing off on my shot.

Both G & I decided to go a bit artsy on our edits of the photos this week:

Hope you all had great holidays and are getting ready to welcome the New Year!


  1. Good try!! I bet you both enjoyed yourselves editing these photo. Photoshop can do MAGIC eh? ;)

    Have a great holiday. You totally deserve it! :)


  2. I *LOVE* your guys' sunday shots. Micah and I spent the last 15 minutes looking at all of them and "awwwww"-ing. hahah.


  3. Very cool! I love the editing on these! :)


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