Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just for the heck of it...

Aaaahhh, the weekend is finally here!

I've just been so unmotivated as of late... unmotivated and uninspired for both taking photographs and blogging. Coming back home, leaving G behind in the US, and going back to work not just full force but overdoing it sounds like a good excuse, but still, what time off I've had this past weeks I've dedicated to reading (or to be more accurate, devouring books, this week I've read 3 books, one per day, I think Charlaine Harris' style makes for a really fast read for me!).

So today, after the morning bath after work to relax all the tensions from the rather bad night and a lil morning nap (and failing at trying to work on this week's self-portrait), I'm sitting here in my sofa, chillin' at last and thinking that I will update my blog with mindless babbling and a reminder of what this blog is about.

G suggested this while we were on holiday, given the amount of reviews and how all of them are such glowing and positive ones, I just again remind all the followers (and occasional readers) of my blog (75 of them, WOW! I'm so flattered! Thank you guys for thinking I'm worth following) that this is NOT a reviews blog, what is this blog, then? Aside from the weekly place where I post our lil ongoing photographic learning challenge, is a place where I share my love of the handmade products that I purchase, which means, everything that is featured in this blog has been bought by yours truly, I don't get things sent to be reviewed.

The process here is simple, I buy something handmade, I get it, I love it, and I want to rave about it! So I take some pics and write a blog here about it! Of course all the reviews are positive ravings, cause I write about what I love, that's why the title of the blog is "In Love With Handmade"!

One of the things that buying handmade includes is a more personal touch in the whole process, where you talk more with the person you are buying things from, so that also translates with a more friendly relationship with the sellers, and after a positive experience, I usually keep in touch with sellers via twitter, etsy convos or the blogsphere itself, and being a repeat customer can mean access to discounts or special promotions, and let's face it, I'm so damned nice, sellers love me to bits! ;-)

The bottom line of this blog is just this: this is my little corner to voice my opinion, and that's just it, MY OPINION, I'm not being paid to say things one way or the other, and if I get something and feel blah about it, or didn't have a wholly positive experience about it, I won't blog about it, cause it won't be worth my time.

So, that's that, outta my system. Now I can go get me a cuppa and think about what to do about my damned self-portrait for this week...

See you tomorrow (hopefully)!!


  1. lolol we all need a little rant every so often... your blog and twitter has almost provided a bit of a chuckle to my day =P so don't stop and keep on jiving to your own beat =D

  2. And THIS is why I love your blog, Ms. Pili! I too, am the same way. I have done reviews, but in reality, I give my 100% honest opinion. I wonder what will happen when I HATE something!?!?!? Well, I guess I will just write about it! ;P

    You should just pack up your stuff, and come back here to the US, this would solve all your problems. Being with G is good for the soul, right? RIGHT!

  3. Hee Hee you are too cute Pili!
    I really have never bought anything handmade that I do not love either. Itf there is love put into it how can you not love it, right:)


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