Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 29

Sunday Shots is back, and right on schedule again! (at least in US time, in Spain is already past 2 am... my goodness, the jet lag is gonna be sooooo bad for me!).

This week Gaurav managed to take his self-shot on Thursday itself, a total first for him, I slacked a bit more, but managed to take mine on Friday itself.

Gaurav is showing off is "new" 30 year old prime lens.

And I'm showing off the colours that come straight off the camera using the "Pop Art" filter.

Have a great rest of the weekend, and next time I'll be posting it'll be in all probably from Spain, since I'm going back on Tuesday *sniffle*.


  1. Look at all those pretty fall leaves! You look so cute sitting in the middle of them. I've been known to play in the leaves too. I hope we never completely grow up. :-)

  2. awesome shot with the leaves!!
    have a safe trip back!!

  3. Ohhh I love the sharp colors on those leaves! And tell Guarav he looks all photographery! Lol


  4. Beautiful Fall colors! Have a good trip home, are you coming back soon?

  5. I love the bottom picture!! There is nothing like playing in a pile of beautiful colored leaves! Very nice.

  6. Wow. I really do need to get a camera like that! If those are the colors that come straight off without editing.. W.O.W. Oh, and I don't think going back to Spain will be tooo bad :)

  7. Love that pile of all those beautiful leaves. Won't be much longer, it will be replaced with snow. Enjoy.


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