Friday, November 27, 2009

Stocking up on Holiday cards!

Hi there!

Finally, it's Friday! (Black Friday for all you lot in the US, happy shopping!) And although I have to work tonight (something I'm not entirely looking forward) after that, I'm gonna be having a bunch of days of (finally!) so I'm hoping I'll have enough time to relax, have some social life (on Saturday is lunch & New Moon with bff) and take loads of photos and write a few blog entries!

This year I have decided to start my shopping early, and though for a general consensus many atheists like me don't celebrate Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Solstice, I for one, don't care about the religious background, but I do love the excuse for buying presents for the people I care for and getting together to enjoy yummy food! So I've already started my gift shopping, I'm still waiting for some packages to arrive here before I can send a package with all my Christmas gifts to the US for G's nieces.

What other shopping I decided to start on early is Holiday cards! This year I had decided I'd only get handmade cards, and that's what I did! I found three shops with amazing cards and I did my shopping there! Dollgift, UniqueGrabs and Enfin LaVoila!

My first purchase was from fellow blogger and amazing artist Rheea, on her Dollgift shop on Etsy. I saw a few sneak peeks on her blog posts, and I knew that I was gonna be getting a set of her cards as soon they were available! So I snagged a set, and when they arrived, pretty fast, all the way from Singapore, I was in awe at how super cute her packaging is and even more at how cute and sturdy her cards are! I'll probably be sending these to G's family both in the US & India.

Next came indulging the geek in me! I had been watching UniqueGrabs' shop for quite a while, cause they have all sort of geeky cute b-day cards with characters from SW, LOTR, Twilight and many other movies (even My Fair Lady!), and when I saw their special of Holiday cards with the Kreepy Kids version of SW characters... I knew I had to get them! They're really colourful and cute and most of all, GEEKY! Mr G is gonna be getting one, and so will those friends of mine that like SW and know English!

And finally, I have family & friends that don't speak English, but also deserve holiday cards, and I still wanted them to be handmade... what to do? Well, doing my usual perusing on Etsy of my favourite shops, I checked EnFin LaVoila's shop and ta da! problem solved! Right there on her shop announcement was the solution to my problem! She can make her cards in any other European language you want, cause she has an European keyboard with all the accents she may need! So I contacted her, and she was super fast on making two sets of six cards on each of the two designs I chose! Now, my friends & family will have some super quirky & cute cards in Spanish!

So here they are! Showing off my super cute and unique Holiday cards, like them? Go get yourself some! Handmade cards for the win!


  1. Those cards are rocking! Great finds for a handmade Christmas. :)


  2. Oh, and I gave you an award on my blog!!!


  3. Thank you, Pili!! I'm so glad you love those cards. Your sweeeet comments certainly make my day. Plus, I've linked it to my blog! HEE.


  4. Thank you so much for mentioning my cards in your blog, Pili! I am always delighted to hear that people like my range of handmade cards!

    Have a great giving season this Christmas!


  5. I'm always so impressed with your picks. Your choice of cards goes to show you've got GREAT taste! I'm also a huge fan of Rheea's work, and the character cards are too cute. I'm glad you also found a seller who was willing to accommodate the different languages- that's very cool. Also, is that a squirrel I see? ;-)

  6. Yup! Well spotted Holly!!
    As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted a those squirrel cards! I would have expected a fellow squirrel lover to notice it! ;)


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