Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 30 & 31

*dusts off blog*

It's been a while since I last posted, but coming back home, the jet lag, leaving G behind and going back to work full force has kept me both busy and uninspired to work on the blog.

We've also been quite uninspired to work on our weekly self-portraits, but we finally managed to get our arses in gear a bit, so here I give you both our shots for week 30 & 31.

Week 30:

Week 31:

Hopefully this next week I'll update the blog more often, since I have a few days off, so I'll have time to rest, and my inspiration will come back. Wish me luck!


  1. back to the grind eh? I am glad you returned safely!!!

  2. Yeah, and the worst is that I come back in time for us being short on nurses cause 3 got sick at the same time!

  3. Coming back to work is the hardest thing. Though you are doing really well - keep it up :D
    Love the finger shots (especially the little piano). ;)

  4. Traveling can sure wear a person out! I'm glad to hear that you got back safely though. You'll settle back into the routine in no time.

    The shots are impressive as always! The last one makes me want to go curl up with my book right now...

  5. Totally incredible photos again! I love them! I so wish I had your skill!!

  6. I've missed you, Pili (big big hug!). Checking your blog every few days to see if there is any update. I've been as busy with my new consigned shop too.. Soon I'll need to clear off the dust from my blog too. Lol. WELCOME BACK!! :D

  7. G is such a dork!!! Star wars books are awesome though.

    Great shots, as always.

  8. some awesome shots there... I'm so happy you had so much fun... XD! Love those self shots.... =)


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