Monday, November 30, 2009


Happy Cyber Monday everyone!

One of the best things of being a nurse is not getting the Monday blues, since we work night shift, weekends and all, Monday can be our day off, and sometimes we can't wait for it to arrive!

Today I've been sort of productive, I'm guessing I could have been more so if I hadn't gone to sleep at 5 am, but I really wanted to finish 501st by Karen Traviss, and now I just can't wait till the next book! But anyways, I managed to take quite a good portion of the photos for this blog entry, and edit all the ones that I'll end up using, and I'm writing this blog entry, so I guess that counts as productive?

I stumbled onto Allie's shop via twitter I believe, saw a link, checked her shop, and knew I had to get something at some point!

I decided to get myself one of her signature pouches, the Porta-Pouch, in denim with a super cute hedgie appliqué! Not only is super cute & well made, but I've also discovered it's the best companion for an amateur photographer gal like me! You just get your ID, cards and some cash in it, and you can slip it inside your photo bag, taking very little space, and having all essentials with you! And even in my tiny bowler bag (that can fit my E-620, one lens attached to the body, two more lenses, my porta-pouch, my lenspen and my card-reader) it fits perfectly!

During my last trip in the US, Gaurav's sister & her hubby got me an iPod nano as b-day present (I've always wanted one, but kept postponing buying one cause of this and that...) so I was very excited about it and also knew it needed a lil cozy to protect it from scratches and bumps. Since Allie has some very cool phone cozies for iPhones in her shop, I thought of asking her if she could make me one iPod nano sized one! She was very glad to help me, and came up with a super cute pouch, in my favourite fabric from her shop, the Yoga Cats!

Also while staying in Wisconsin she had her Halloween Sale, and also listed a few more goodies in the Yoga Cats fabric, and since I can't resist it, I went and bought a whole bunch of things: Porta-Pouch, Cosmetics medium bag and Sneezy pouch, aside from one of Batty sneezy pouch that was on sale. I asked her to ship it directly to Spain since I was leaving WI soon. She shipped it the day before Halloween, and I have no idea what adventures the naughty cats got themselves into, but they arrived only last week! Allie had included a Yoga Cats fabric covered mirror as a lil extra, and that's super cute too!

Once I arrived home, aside from waiting for my Yoga cats to arrive, I also indulged myself in some more pouch buying, I got a super cute Moo Cow iPhone pouch for my friend Nayade that loves all things cow! and a lil baby box pouch (also part of the Halloween sale) that is small but sturdy enough to use as my tampon pouch! Both pouches managed to somehow arrive before the Yoga Cats, and I can't wait to give my friend her Moo Cow pouch that I've kept in Allie's original packaging; it was too cute not to use it!

If you've fallen in love with Allie's super cute pouches, she's having a 15% off SALE for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!


  1. Waaay cute stuff. I just love the yoga cats and bat fabric! And that hedgehog applique? Adorable!!

  2. Oh they are lovely! Adorable fabrics and applique. You know my favourite is the cat pouches! ;D

  3. WHAT!?!?!?!? I want yoga cats!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet!

  4. I love her shop! I bought an adorable Kawaii deer wallet from her. Love it!! She's also super sweet!

  5. What a great shop!! I could very easily get addicted to bags and pouches :) Really - I should have a different one for each day right?

  6. The pouches are so cute! Love the Yoga cats!
    Thank you for fav one of my items (Holiday Bottle Gift Bag). I just was strolling around your blog and suddenly saw my bag! What a happy surprise!

  7. Ummmm...those pouches are so beyond adorable that I can't even stand it! I must get one!

  8. I guess you could say I collect pouches. I keep a few of them in my purse for the tiny items. I've never seen the yoga cats fabric, but I love it! I might have to buy a thing or two from her shop myself!

  9. Pili! You the craziest etsy shopper I've met!! But who could blame you.. these are all so adorable.

    Thanking you so much for giving me an award in your previou post but I'm sorry I didn't have the time to join in the fun. Please say you'd forgive me :(


  10. Oh my gosh, so many cute pouches and cases! I love the little hedgehog one the best :)


  11. I am so in love with that camera bag...needs


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