Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 12 (Monday Edition)

Well, once again we have a late entry... We had agreed on starting on working on a theme, and see what each of us came up with. Gaurav choose "heat" and it proved quite tricky... mainly cause of the heat itself, that has been keeping us unmotivated and tired...

But finally, here they are, and they're not too bad shots, I'd say!

Here's Gaurav shot, and if I can say it myself, I have quite a hot boyfriend!

And here's mine, first shot edited using picnik!

Hopefully the heat and work won't leave me all unmotivated again this week so I can write some more blog entries this week.


  1. Cools shots! I can totally relate with the heat=unmotivated. I have new stuff to photograph but I haven't found "time" to do it.

  2. Thank you, Jus!

    I know what you mean... I have to throw myself out of the bed... I just don't feel like doing anything!

  3. Excellent photos. The monotone effect on Gaurav's photo is fun. AAAwww I need to eat some good ice cream too. You are photogenic! I totally envy :D
    I must say it has not been that hot here. I can see the sun is coming out a little bit more than last week. Hopefully it will be sunny again. Have a nice weekend!

  4. You may have a hot boyfriend, but he's got a really hot girlfriend so I'd say it works out perfectly. I'm really enjoy your photographic adventures!

    I can feel your pain with the heat. It's been over 100 degrees where I live, and my brother keeps asking me to go for walks with him. I like going because it's nice having conversations with him as we're exercising, but it's just SOOO hot and there are times when I really don't feel like going.

  5. Beautiful photos.

    I totally want that chocolate bar!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Both of your shots get better and better each week!

  7. Thanks a lot everyone!

    And yes Audrey, I do LOVE picnik!!


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