Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, well, well! Sunday again! No, this is NOT the blog entry for our weekly photography challenge. Gaurav hasn't sent me his photo yet, and I'm still debating which one of the few I took to use...

Instead, I'm writing yet another review, this time for the very awesome Karla from HeartSizedCrush!

I met Karla through DIYscene and fell in love with her wonderful artwork and designs, her necklaces and accesories have that cute but naughty and pin up feeling. She has worked creating custom pieces for various Roller Girls teams, as well as custom pieces for Colleen Duffy from Devil Doll (her line is named after one of their songs) and her designs are part of the band's merchandise now. She's now collaborating with the pin up model Angela Ryan, creating some custom necklaces for her.

In her shop she has a bit of everything: nautical stars, swallows, pin ups, sugar skulls, tattoo inspired butterflies... So when she offered a special sale, I jumped on it and purchased two necklaces I had been eyeing for a while: the lotus swallow and the tattoo butterfly.

Both are absolutely fantastic, with such vibrant colours! I'm absolutely in love with them!

Here you can see the lotus swallow (I think I'd say this is my favourite, but don't tell the butterfly):

And here is the old school tattoo butterfly, doesn't it have the most awesome colours?:

Stay tuned for yet another blog entry today, hopefully!


  1. OMG! That butterfly is fabulous! I have some of Karla's work and I LOOOOOOOVE it! I highly recommend getting yourself some HeartSizedCrush goodness! };)

  2. Such beautiful necklaces. Karla is the master at getting the most amazing colors and designs!

  3. Beautiful!! I love the butterfly!

    "What a wonderful World" is a great song!! Is it on youtube anywhere?

  4. Looooove her stuff!!! I have skull post earrings from her that I wear nearly every day! And some awesome nautical star ones!! Great stuff!!

  5. Awe Pili Love, thank you so much, this made my day!!! Great pics too! xoxo, -K

  6. Those are awesome! I love the bright colors and the fact that the designs are edgy but still feminine. You wear them well!

  7. I love that butterfly!!!! Awesome colors!!!

  8. I heart by heartsizedcrush necklace!


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