Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nuxie Made!

Good evening/afternoon!

How's everyone doing on this fine Saturday? I'm enjoying a rare weekend off, so I'm really enjoying the feeling of knowing I don't have to go anywhere and can do whatever I please!

That's why I've been doing some picture editing while listening to some music and having some decaf cappuccino, and now I'm all ready for my new entry!

Sometimes you find a shop while browsing Etsy, or even while looking for other stuff, and you start watching something and really want to get it, but it doesn't really feel like you should indulge yourself... That's what happened when I found NuxieMade.

I found her shop while looking for lil girl's clothing on Etsy, trying to find a nice present for one of Gaurav's nieces' b-day. I was checking this really nice shop called KateEmersonDesigns and saw a pair of dresses that I liked, and in the pics they were worn combined with this really cute hats/beanies, so I checked the listing and found a link to the shop that made the hats!

I wasn't sure if the hats would be something the girls would like, but damn, they were cute! And I did like them a lot! So I added NuxieMade to my favourites, and checked it now and then. To my surprise I saw that not only she made all baby, toddler and teen sizes, but she was also offering more and more adult sizes and even had the option to make any of her hats into adult size.

That was quite a temptation for me, but I added my favourite Beanie with Brim to my favourites and decided to wait for a better time to get it, and the time to fit it into my expenses came in May, yes, I know getting a yarn beanie for the warmer weather is not the brightest of ideas, but hey, I sure will be ready for autumn! ;)

She offers three sizes for adult hats, and I got me the robin's egg blue with rose pink, light pink and yellow flower. The cutest lil hat ever! According to her shop, she was taking about 4 weeks from time of order till completion and shipment (poor thing must have been buried under yarn and hats!) but I think it didn't take the full 4 weeks till my hat was shipped, and it only took one week in transit.

The hat is sooo well made, and the colours are fantastic in real life! I'm not sure if with all the tweaking around with my editing tools I've managed to reflect how lovely they are!

I'm really gonna love wearing this around this fall, and even if it was a bit hot to wear a yarn hat, I managed to take a pic wearing it, even if my face is a bit shiny cause of the heat! Ain't it the cutest lil hat ever?

I'm thinking that after summer I'll get myself the Riona knitted cardigan I've been eyeing for so long (maybe even in light pink? or would it be too much?) and I'll have the cutest and warmest set of cardigan and hat to get me through the autumn!


  1. I absolutely love it, and you are adorable with it on! I don't have enough hats. I think the sweater is very pretty too. It looks cozy!

  2. Thank you Holly!

    And yep, even if it's too hot to even think of buying it, I can't wait to get that warm cardigan!

  3. The hat is adorable! Very well done!

  4. Adorable hat!! I have to get one of those for my teenage daughter this holiday season! Too cute


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