Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey there!

Yep, as promised I'm back! I've been thoroughly enjoying my day off, or maybe wasting it, take your pick, cause I haven't really done much aside from reading, watching some Torchwood and taking a few pics for this very blog entry!

Since I'm gonna be working morning shift tomorrow, I'm hoping I might be able to write another blog entry too, but on Friday I'll be leaving for a family celebration, for my sis-in-law and younger nephew's b-day! And I will be going back straight to work night shift on Saturday, so I'm hoping I'll be inspired in between to work on my self-portrait for the week!

Last week I decided to indulge myself (despite the recent expenses in the shape of plane tickets) and my Twilight fan side on the cutest lil pouch ever! It's so cute that even those non-fans or even the ones that dislike the books would find it really cute! (Even the bf did!).

I found Kukubee's shop doing a search on Etsy, for Twilight items, I like looking at what things I like (be it books, movies or even sushi!) can inspire on crafters of all kind! If you look for Twilight on Etsy, you'll get loads of jewellry, but you'll also get to find this cute pencil pouch, based on the famous line "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb".

As usual, before purchasing anything from a shop, I looked at profile, listings, shop policies and did a bit of reading on their feedback. That's something I highly recommend to anyone before making a purchase, to acquaint yourself with the shop's policies, and to read shop announcements and listings with attention, reading and paying attention seems to be becoming a lost art in the world of the internet shopping.

In their shop, you not only can find some really cute Twilight pouches, but also all sort of cute pouches and prints with their original illustrations with vampires, pandas and zombies gallore!

So, I bought my pouch last week, and only yesterday it arrived home, all the way from Canada! I couldn't be happier, it's even cuter in person than it looks in the pics, and I can't wait to fill it up with my headphones and other utilities and stuff it inside my hand-luggage for my trip to the States!

Isn't it soooo cute!?

I shall leave you now, since dinner and maybe Torchwood and/or some Twilight reading (Breaking Dawn) await for me!


  1. Cute pouch!! Haven't read any of the books etc. Don't quite get the craze, but the pouch is cute!

  2. omg, so friggen cute... going to shop RIGHT NOW!

  3. Wowee!
    I'm so glad you enjoy the Lion and Lamb pouch!
    And the pictures you took of it look great!

    Thanks very much for the kind write-up, the great images, and most importantly for supporting handmade crafts!

    You sure made my day! Heck, you made four and a half days at least!

  4. Oh wow, that is adorable! I love Twilight too, and that's one of my favorite phrases from the book. Cute!

  5. Hope you had a good day off :D
    Nice pouch! It is very cute. I love having fun and cute things because it makes me happy to use them.
    Hope you have a lovely celebration for the weekend! Please take lots of photos!


  6. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. Those little nurse penguins are so sweet you are lucky to have one!
    I love that pouch, as i love Twilight. Never seen anything like it before, some people are so talented arent they!

    Rose :)

  7. Aww.. I love the pouch! Here here, HUGE Twilight fan here! New Moon movie coming soon too. Yay~



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