Friday, July 17, 2009

JPAT Purses!

Hello there!

Yes, I know, it is neither Monday nor Sunday, so you must be wondering if I'm finally updating the blog with something other than our weekly photography challenge? Well, the answer, indeed, is YES!

I've been overworked, sleeping badly, tired and un-motivated as of late. Worried about plans, and paperwork on one side, and with work with very few days off in between... I wasn't feeling like blogging much. But finally with a few days off, I'm finally going back to my long list of pending blog entries!

I'm starting with JPAT Purses, a great shop that I added to my favourites a few months ago. As everyone that knows me, knows I'm crazy about all sorts of bag and purses, and she has some really unique items in her shop!

I fell in love in particular with her Notebook Click It Wallets, which I found would be really useful for me on my sort-of-frequent plane trips (flying twice a year to India teaches you a few things about hand-luggage), and though I loved the design of it, and saw it on really nice fabrics, I didn't see one that I thought it was really ME. That was till I saw another of her bags in this really cute cherry fabric, and I thought "What if I ask her if she can make me a custom one?".

The whole process couldn't have been easier! She responded right away to my Etsy convo, was delighted to work on my custom Notebook Wallet, and three days after purchasing the custom listing, my new wallet was on its merry way to Spain!

It got here really soon, and it looked the perfect blend of cute and functional!

With its many slots/pockets for all the documents & stuff you need to have handy and in one place when travelling! You can have the passport, plane tickets, boarding passes, the info about the different passports and any other print outs of your vacation (hotels reservations and the like) and it fits right into your purse, making sure you don't have to fish around for any of them!

I always have waaay too many things in my purse, and that's why I like to have small pouches for make-up, hand sanitizers and the like, pencil cases and now this is the perfect complement for my hand-luggage bag! It fits like a charm inside my Dolly Bowling Bag, and it fits a number of my other roomy purses and bags perfectly too!

She has a lot of other unique and cute pouches and purses too, and right now she's having a big SALE for discontinued items, like her Eco baggies and her boxy zipper pouches, so if you want to check her out, I'm sure you'll find something you'll love in her shop!

I'll try to be back tomorrow with another blog entry... I have a lot of blog entries pending of pics, so I may work on that now... or maybe after an episode or two of Torchwood!


  1. That's so practical and so cute, too! I need something like that for traveling. Hate trying to find itinerary, passport etc in my purse.

  2. Yeah, I know... it even has a slot for the pen, so I can carry it around in my hand when I have to fill in paperwork in inmigration and the like... I can't wait to try it this August when I'm visiting the States!

  3. Pili,
    Oh you are the best! Thank you for such a wonderful feature write up on the custom order ! I actually made one of the notebook wallets for my daughter in flip flop fabric, which she used on our recent vacation too!
    Thanks you again--btw wonderful blog :)

  4. I love JPatPurses! It's funny that you requested a custom order from her, because I did too a few years ago. I wanted a purse made out of a fabric I had, so I shipped her the fabric and she made the purse. It turned out BEAUTIFUL, and she was incredibly easy to work with. Yay for wonderful etsy sellers!

    I may have to get a pouch like the one you got, it seems perfect for traveling. What do you fly to India for, if you don't mind me asking? That sounds like fun, I'd love to visit India someday.

  5. JPAT: I'm so glad you love it!

    InkObsessions: I know, I absolutely love it! Cutest fabric ever!

    Holly: It's a really nice pouch! I'll be using it in August for a trip to the States, and then in October back to India. Reason for all my India trips? My boyfriend lives there! Yup, we're one of those "across continents" couples!


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