Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worthy Soy Candles (& Crochet)

With the Holidays Season fastly approaching, and my vow of saving money gone out of the window, I'm getting a few more packages per week than usual. Not all of them for me, since most of them are presents for others. Yes, this year, like the past one, and the ones from this on, I'm trying to buy most of my presents handmade. So far, since my last blog I've got 4 new packages, one last Saturday, but since it's part of my Christmas presents, we'll count that out, and this Monday I got two packages, one with a bunch of presents for my friends from DungareeDolly (she'll be my next blog entry) and one from the lovely Erica of Worthy Soy Candles. I took pictures of both packages as soon as I arrived from work, but since my cold came back in full force, I spent all of yesterday in bed, and today, with a nice cup of Organic Ginger Tulsi Tea, I'm attempting this blog entry about her lovely soy candles!

I first met Erica through DIYScene, where I've also met and got friends with other tons of talented DIYers and crafters. It's always good to get references from other people before buying from someone, and not only through the feedback that shop can have, but through regular "mouth to mouth" from other people who love B&B products and candles as much as I do! (thanks Brooke!). I checked Erica's shop and her fragance list is endless!! So I decided to first try her Tea Lights Sampler Pack, it's really cheap (and the shipping overseas is really affordable too) and you get to try 5 different scents! I also thought that tea lights are a great size to carry with you on trips and vacations, or can be fantastic to light around the house this season (and would be great for the Indian festival of Diwali!).

The package arrived on Monday, and the postman even commented on how great it smelt! You could smell the amazing mix of scents through all the careful packaging that Erica had put together! When I opened it I saw the five cute lil candles, in bright colours, and an extra one! Since I didn't remember which scents I had ordered I was wondering how could I tell which was each, but the name of each scent is in the bottom of the candle! I got: Ocean Breeze, Buttered Rum, Welcome Home, Love Spell & Pina Colada and the extra one in Slices of Fruit! Amazing scents, all of them!!

I'm already planning on getting her set of 3 hexagonal 5 oz. candles, once I'm done with all the Holidays shopping! Cause I'm already in love with her candles!

If you're like me, and have decided to make the change to soy candles, or if you're curious as to the benefits of them, check her shop!


  1. Erica's candles are the best if you like apple your should really get the Macintosh one. I love it it smells so good I want to eat it.

  2. Hey Christa!

    I think I'll add the Macintosh one to my wish list, I love the smell of fresh apples!

    And Jus, this are amazing tempting candles, you know how much I love good-smelling goodies!!


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