Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spa Therapy Works

It's been a few days since I last blogged, but since I want to focus on writing about current packages for now, and I don't have all the time I'd want to dedicate to this blog... I'm thinking of sticking to two blog entries per week, if I get enough packages, that is, if not, I'll look back to some previous purchases.

Today, I got two packages, and once again from two of my most beloved sellers, which means, I have two entries to work on! I've already been working on the pictures for them.

I will start with Jussara from Spa Therapy Works!

I must say, I don't remember how I found her shop, but I know that since my first purchase, I was really impressed with her amazing customer service! Unless other sellers that aren't keen on shipping to Spain, she was delighted to ship here, and was trying to find the best way to determine a fair shipping cost, and since that very first time, she's always refunded any excesive cost of shipping.

Her amazing customer service was just the first of the many things that turned me into a not just a repeat customer, but a total fan! She's always been so nice and helpful!

I fell in love with her B&B products as soon as the first package from her arrived, her soaps are amazing and so are her bath salt and body scrubs... and I can go on and on with all her products!

After trying her soaps I switched to handmade soaps, and forgo liquid soaps and all kinds of regular commercial soaps, and so it happened when she developed her facial line, with day cream, night cream, serum, toner, facial scrubs and facial soaps:

Here you can see my daily facial care routine, all by Spa Therapy, even the soap dish! Facial day cream, night cream and scrub, serum and toner in the sides. I was never very constant with facial care, till I started using Jussara's products, the texture and smell is fantastic, and so are the results! I usally have a tendency to get stress rushes (atopic dermatitis) that have got waaaay better since I've been using her stuff!
Here you can see the Dead Sea Mud soap, which works great, but my favourite one has to be the Patchouli Mint Frech Green Clay Soap, that I'll be getting really soon to replace the Dead Sea soap when it's gone.

I'm not sure if any of what I use in B&B body products is not made by her, cause she has amazing body lotions in varied scents for all year long, and fantastic whipped body frostings for the dry dry winter, that melt into your skin and look & smell good enought to eat! She also has fantastic vegan deodorants, that are NOT antiperspirants, so don't block the cooling effect of the sweating, but that keep you smelling great all day long! They've stand the test in India of all places, so I can say that, yes you will sweat, but you will smell AWESOME all the time!!

She's also started a new line of hair care products with two types of shampoo & conditioner, for normal and dry hair. I got samples of the dry hair shampoo and conditioner, and though the shampoo leave my hair great, it isn't as effective against dandruff as I'd like, but the conditioner... oh, the conditioner is a total joy for my hair! And, did I mention they're SLS-free?

One of her bigger hits with all my co-workers are her VEGAN lipbalms, that smell delicious, taste as great and not only moisturize and protect your lips but also give them some lovely shine! I've had a pair of my co-workers to ask me order her lipbalms for them more than once.

An unexpected hit was her shaving soaps with the bf, he's already said he won't use anything else for shaving! They just lather so well, and the shave is so close, I don't want him to use anything else either!

Everytime I get a package from her, I always feel like a lil girl opening a pressie, and I go crazy sniffing everything, yes, I do have that weird habit of sniffing B&B body products, and I always know that any Spa Therapy product is gonna smell awesome! I've also found my favourite scent ever, what I consider MY scent, and it's the Black Raspberry Vanilla, and I just love that scent on anything, be it soap, deodorant, whipped body frosting, body lotion... even body mist! I just hope she won't stop using it, EVER!.

Onto today's package!

I got bath melts, deodorant & whipped body frosting in Black Raspberry Vanilla, and the Snowed In soap! And also a Raspberry Sorbet extra soap! I just can't wait to try this bath melts, cause they smell fantastic! Chocolate & Orange! I need to make sure the bf doesn't decide to eat them!
She also has a lot of nice gift ideas for this holidays, and I've already got a few for my friends!

If you want a change from store bought products, and want quality B&B products, most of them vegan friendly, Spa Therapy Works is your place to shop! I've recommended her products to loads of friends, and they all love them and become repeat customers too, so she must be doing something right!


  1. I totally agree!!! I am also in LOVE with SpaTherapy!!! Her stuff is absolutely fraktastic!!!!

  2. That looks sooooo luxurious, you lucky girl! I want to live in your bathroom. lol

  3. It's a tiny bathroom, but well stocked! ;)

  4. I also, love me some Spa Therapy. But here is the big question.

    How "non-greasy" are her facial things? Cause my skin is so sensitive on mny face, that I will break out in a rash, and it will not go away for a week. So I am weary. But I love her stuff SO MUCH...I think I am willing to try it.

    Oh, and her deoderant. Yep. Best deoderant on the PLANET! Hands down.

  5. My skin is rather dry, but one of my friends has oily skin, and she said that her tea tree toner and both face creams are fantastic and don't make her skin greasy at all, so I'd say, give it a try!


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