Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Label of Hope

Today was a good mail day! I got a few packages, so now after taking some pics, I have some good material to write a blog entry (and another one for tomorrow) about one of my favourite sellers!

I first found Label of Hope on eBay, and I loved her originality and uniqueness!! You identify her clothes so easily, cause she has a style that it's so very hers and hers alone! I bid on a few of her tops, got a few and was outbid on tons of them! After a while I found her webpage http://www.labelofhope.com/ and though she only offers tops there very now and then, I snatched there one of my most loved tops from her!

I was gathering quite a collection, but nothing as big as it has become when Hope decided to forsake eBay and join Etsy... Since I've always preferred the Buy It Now way, I've got a LOT of her tops, all uniquely designed and all awesome indeed! Also, since she joined Etsy she has been, on occasion, doing some custom orders, that I have very much jumped at the occasion!

One of my all time favourite of her styles is the kimono style top! I bought a gorgeous one on Etsy, and also get another custom one made. The one I got from Etsy became almost instatly one of my most favourite tops from her, since it was not only gorgeous, but comfy & classy at the same time! During my vacation in India with the bf this September I wore it a lot of times! After returning from Goa to Delhi I thought the poor top needed a bit of a proper washing, and gave it to the maid... what a mistake... my poor top got completely ruined! Not only there was some running of colours in the sleeves, but there were some really strange stains all over the body of the top! Lesson learnt, I should have done the handwashing myself, and used some salt and cold water in the first washing to avoid the running of the colours... This has been the first time that one of my LoH tops has been ruined, and I was quite upset I must say.

When I came back from the holidays, I decided to contact Hope and ask her if she had any more of those fabrics, or something similar, so I could get another kimono top done; she was extremely nice and looked all over for the fabrics, but as it happened, she didn't find them. She found a similar fabric in pink, and hence my pink Kimono top was born! Also, she made another gorgeous kimono style top with cowl neck that I quickly snatched too, that I will be wearing for this year's Hospital dinner!

All this brings me now to the main point of this blog, that is, I received another gorgeous LoH top in the mail today! With a cowl neck with a decorative tab with buttons, extra long sleeves (perfect for those that get their hands cold easily, like me) and a kanga pocket!
Excuse the not too good picture, but my trusty TZ5's battery had died, and despite my boyfriends insistence I haven't got myself a spare one yet; I had to use my old Canon Exilim. And I'm not too good at taking pics of myself, nor am I too keen on the myspace style pictures, and since my personal photographer is in India... this one will have to do!
Every package from Hope comes inside a lovely pink bag with a thank you note and care instructions! (Just in case, I always recomend to wash all tops on their own the first time and with cold water to ensure no running of the colours).
I've always gotten tons of compliments when wearing Hope's tops, and I've given the link to her etsy shop to a good number of my own co-workers, so if you, like them, want to know where these gorgeous designs came from and want to get your own, go to http://hopee.etsy.com/ and take a look around! She usually posts new designs once or twice a week!
Happy hunting! (ooops, I meant, shopping!)


  1. Hope's designs are awesome and you have an amazing body for them. Super cute top.

  2. Thanks a lot sweetie!

    I hope you feel better soon!



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