Friday, December 19, 2008 AKA Dolly bags!

Last Saturday and this Monday, I got two packages, from one of my all time favourite sweethearts! Not only she's a great seller, but she's also a friend, and one amazing lady!

I first came around Dungaree Dolly's Bags website while browsing on eBay, and came across the link in one seller's About Me page, don't ask me which seller cause I can't remember, with age my memory is becoming fuzzy! I went to check the website, and wow! So many amazing bags all over the place!! I also saw she had a myspace page, and since I had recently made my own, decided to add her. As much as a huge fan of online shopping as I am now, I've always been a lil reluctant to buying from somewhere without some references, so reading up her myspace page, as well as her Delighted Dolls page in her website, helped a LOT in finally deciding to go for one of her bags.

Her website not only has a very attractive design, with different pages for each bag, but also has a FAQ section and another on how to order, which make the whole process so very easy! I am the kind of person that reads everything (and I mean everything, even the back of shampoo bottles) so before buying something from a new place I always read everything in the website, or I read feedback, profile and shop policies in an Etsy shop. As much info as I can gather, the more secure I feel, and if I ask any questions, and I'm getting a polite, nice and informative answer, I'm way more likely to make a purchase.

My first purchase from her were two bags, and I was prompted to get them by seeing a custom bag she had made for her best friend, Miss Hula. I loved that bag, and I asked Dolly is she was going to offer them in her shop, she said it was a custom one, but that I could get my own custom made one. Ha! She hit my soft spot, I love handmade, I love OOAK, but if there's something I love more is custom made stuff just for me. So I got myself my custom Bella bag with bamboo handlers in an amazing sushi print! I also got me a really cute City bag in pink tattoo fabric, that became my trusty everyday-going-to-work bag for over a year (then it really needed to be washed, and now is bright as new again!). When the bags arrived I was squealing with joy! They were as perfect as I was hoping and even more!! And they were wrapped in this gorgeous tissue paper and there was CANDY in the box! That's not just getting a package you've bought, that's like getting a present on the mail!

After getting my first two bags I was completely and utterly HOOKED! I decided to get a few bags for my friends's b-days, my sister-in-law's b-day, Christmas time... and they've always been loved by everyone! They've also become my favourite self-present for my birthday! Every year I get myself a bunch of Dolly bags! And even for Christmas! My Dolly bags have become my trusty companions in all my travels, all my trips to India, and my everyday companions to work, and for going out! My bf has not just gotten used to my Dolly-obsession, but sometimes even promote it! He was the one to suggest I got a Hipster bag for our trips and visits to different places when I'm visiting India (it's roomy, so I can carry my stuff and his), and he's always teasing me about the amount of bags I have "Do you already own one of each? Dolly might need to start designing a new one soon to add to your collection", but the poor thing never complains about the HUGE amount of bags I own!

If the amazing quality of her bags was not enough, she also has an amazing customer service, after each order placed through her website, she'll always e-mail you to check if everything's fine, if you need anything, and she'll also e-mail you again once she's ready to ship your bags. I must confess I don't usually make my orders through the website anymore, I'm always asking for custom things, so I usually e-mail my dear Beth with all my queries and questions, and she sends me a paypal request with the quote for my bags (with all the lil extras I always ask for).

A Dolly bag has become my signature gift for my bf's side of the family, both my sisters-in-law own a diaper bag, and a pair of bags each, and my mother-in-law also has a pair of bags, which I'm really glad to say, they all love!

I was really honoured (and a bit of an oh my!! moment) when Dolly asked me to be Miss October. She had started this lil calendar in her website, with her Dolly Girls, friends and customers, in a very nice and thoughtful way of sending us some love back, ain't she a total darling? Here you can see me, in the pic she used, with my custom Luxury Suite bag!

My last two packages from her were MY Christmas present this year, which means a bunch of bags (I told the bf they're gonna be his present for me, since I feel bad for getting myself so many bags) and most of them custom, even more this time cause I picked the fabrics on Etsy, and got them sent directly to her, I'm sooo gonna be writing a blog entry about those after Jan 6th! Beth is soooo sweet, she even included a lil note telling me not to open the pacakge till Jan 6th! (in Spain we usually & traditionally give the presents on that day) and the other package was my Christmas presents for other people, as you can see all prettily packed with the same tissue paper that I got them in!

Amazing quality, amazing customer service and the sweetest lady I've ever met... I'm a total fan and a Dolly girl for life!


  1. What a great bags! Can't believe they are all handmade! And congratulations Miss October! Looks wonderful :D


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