Saturday, December 13, 2008

aNGrYGiRL Gear

Finally! Time to write my second entry of the week! I got myself this weekend off unexpectedly, my supervisor told me just yesterday about it, since I was the only one from the ward that didn't have a weekend off this month, so this blog entry was due!

This week I got two packages, and one of them was an absolutely stunning corset by aNGrYGiRL Gear!!

I first saw the Angry one's shop through links on some of my regular eBay sellers, but she never had anything for sale when I checked her eBay auctions, but I saw the link to her website and decided to check it. She had (and of course, still has) galleries of the custom work she's done in the past, with absolutely stunning pieces! But, I must really say that at the time, I thought the prices were a bit high, and the whole measurements thingy always puzzled me, mainly cause of the difference between centimetres and inches... I'm not enterely proficient now, but I can figure out what would fit me and what not, but back then... It was a bit too much for me.
After some more time on eBay, and some more purchases all over the place, I kept on going back and looking at her website and corsets and hoodies, and decided to add them to my wish list... for the time I felt ready to give myself a treat. I added her to my myspace friends, and her banner to my myspace blog entry for favourite sellers.

Some more time passed and I started shopping less and less on eBay, and moved to Etsy as my favourite venue for shopping, also my personal life had some changes, in the shape of my amazing bf. And one day I got a comment by the Angry one herself in my blog entry, pointing out that her banner no longer worked, and we started talking on myspace. Since we both are huge metal fans, and she owns the most amazing Eddie hoodie ever made, we had plenty of conversation topics!

After talking to her I was completely convinced that I needed one of her corsets, and soon!! So I decided to ask for a custom piece that would serve as Valentine's present for both me and the bf, so I asked for a burgundy Temptation corset and she went through all the possible shops to be able to find the perfect burgundy corduroy fabric for it! I also ordered a Kitten shrug cause I thought it be the perfect complement, not only to the corset in itself, but also to serve as warming piece to use at the Maiden concert I was going to attend in Mumbai (Bombay). When both pieces arrived home I was not just delighted, impressed and left completely speechless with the almost unreal perfection of both pieces, and the unreal perfect fit of the corset, but completely and utterly hooked and addicted! At that very moment I decided I was NEVER getting corsets from anyone else!

After coming back from my vacation in India, and the amazing Maiden concert, I brought back a t-shirt that was going to be turned into a custom AngryGirl Gear Maiden hoodie (cause Cindy wouldn't let me steal her perfect Eddie hoodie), and of course, planning for Maiden's gig in Spain in July, I decided I needed a Maiden corset! I searched for an appliqué that could be used, and found the perfect one in eBay. Cindy bought it, and started working on a Maiden corset, with a lil leather, a lil lace, red & black. What I got when the package arrived home were two MASTERPIECES! Both the corset and the hoodie are a total dream come true for any female Maiden fan! (And maybe for the male ones, with a female inside, I'd say). I couldn't attend the July gig, unfortunately, but that corset is probably my favourite piece to date, and I absolutely LOVE all my AngryGirl pieces to bits!

After those amazing Maiden pieces, I got myself another two custom made corsets, a deep blue Grace corset and a deep purple Domination corset, both stunners, both impossibly well made, both absolute PERFECT pieces!! Whenever I get one of her corsets I always look at it from all angles and from stick my nose close to all seams and stitches, just for the absolutely joy of seeing perfection up close!! Remember what I said before about how before buying from her I thought her prices were high? Well, after seeing and wearing her pieces, I know the prices aren't high, they're actually cheap for the quality you get! She could charge three times what she's charging and still wouldn't be expensive at all with the quality of the pieces you get!

The corset I got this week is a change with my usual pattern of Angry purchases, since this time it was NOT a custom piece, but a corset she had made for the DIYScene Street Team November Project: Steampunk (if you wanna check other amazing pieces made by the team, search diyscene team nov on Etsy). The corset in itself it's a lil different from other corsets she's made before, with different lines, and one hell of an amazing very Steampunk fabric! As soon as she posted it as a sneak peek on DIYScene, I was completely and utterly in love with it, and after some wondering and doubting (economic crisis, anyone?) I went ahead and bought it! (Sorry Kylie, I know it would have looked stunning on you too!). It arrived this week, and I'm absolutely in love with it... and it fits just great!! Even if it was not custom made for me, it fits great! But that's just Cindy's amazing craftwomanship... with an arm in fire and overworked, she can produce all kinds of masterpieces!!

Whenever I look at her designs, may it be her website, or her Etsy shop, I'm always thinking and wondering what else can I get, what other new work of art I can ask her to produce for me, and I have plans already for a new Maiden hoodie, this time a Rime of the Ancient Mariner one!


  1. I love reading your blogs Pili! I'm glad the Steampunk corset went to a good home!

  2. Awww geez, Pili, you're too sweet :) *blush*

  3. OMG! Those Eddie corsets ROCK! I just got my first Angrygirlgear corset, from the is PURE PERFECTION and I am in love with it! It's an addiction as I am already contemplating getting another one in the future. The detail she puts into them is just breathtaking! };)


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