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Ultraviolet Catastrophe Blog Tour: Review + Favourite Quote!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop in the Ultraviolet Catastrophe blog tour! I am quite excited to share this book and both my fave quote and review of it! Ultraviolet Catastrophe comes out September 24th!

I had such a blast reading this book that I had quite a hard time choosing just one quote, but this one was hilarious and totally geek (and Whovian!) friendly!

"It's bigger on the inside", I whispered.
 Dad chuckled and ushered me into the building. "Just another one of QT's specialities. Spatial adjustment. Inside, it's a five-story building. Outside, visitors only see a normal, unobstrusive house."

Intrigued already? Do check out the gorgeous cover and the blurb!

 Quantum Electrodynamics. String Theory. Schrödinger's cat. For sixteen-year-old Lexie Kepler, they’re just confusing terms in her science textbooks, until she finds out that her parents have been drugging her to suppress her outrageous IQ. Now Branston Academy, a school run by the world’s most powerful scientists, has tracked her down and is dying for her to attend - as a research subject.

She takes refuge at Quantum Technologies, a secret scientific community where her father works as a top-notch scientist, and begins her new life as girl genius at Quantum High. But the assignments at her new school make the Manhattan Project look like preschool - and Lexie barely survived freshman algebra.

Her first big assignment – creating an Einstein-Rosen bridge – is also her first chance to prove she can hold her own with the rest of QT's prodigies. But while working with the infuriatingly hot Asher Rosen, QT’s teen wonder, Lexie uncovers a mistake in their master equation. Instead of a wormhole, the machine they’re building would produce deadly ultraviolet rays that could destroy the world. Now Lexie and Asher have to use their combined brainpower to uncover the truth behind the device. Before everyone at Quantum Technologies is caught in the ultraviolet catastrophe.

About the author: Jamie Grey spent most of her childhood writing stories about princesses who saved the day and pretending to be a daring explorer. It wasn’t until much later that she realized she should combine the two. Now, as a tech-obsessed gamer geek, her novels mix amazing scientific developments, future worlds, and the remarkable characters that live in them.

Jamie lives in Michigan with her boyfriend and their pets, who luckily tolerate her overspending on tea, books, and video games. You can learn more about her at, or follow her on twitter via @jamie_grey.

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My review

I discovered this book by reading the first chapter at the end of One by Leigh Ann Kopans, and it hooked me up from the starting line: "You know your life is never going to be the same when your mom pulls a gun at the shopping mall".

I added it to my TBR list and when I had the chance to get an advance copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, I just jumped at it, and I'm so glad I did.

Ultraviolet Catastrophe is a YA mix of contemporary and science fiction, with loads of actual science and many brilliant geeky references mixed in.

Lexie is a normal teenager that lives with her mum and has some serious abandonement issues with her mostly absent brilliant scientist dad. But she discovers that maybe she isn't such a normal teenager after all, after a massive freak out from her mum at the mall, getting some weird flashes of knowledge in her brain and having to move with her dad for her safety. Turns out her parents had been lying to her to protect her and supressing her incredible genious level brain with medication.

It is not exactly unexpected that Lexie does completely freak out on her parents and refuses to see reason or even try to understand what's at stake or the reasons her parents might have had. Teenagers are not usually very good at perspective, and Lexie is a very genuine teenager on her reactions and her hurt, but never going overboard. I did shake my head at her reactions and her temper on occasion, but never really felt like shaking her into common sense!

Now on top of having who she thought she was being completely shaken, she's moved in with her dad and starting at a new school in QT (Quantum Technologies) the institution where her father works, and a school for geniuses. She's the new girl, and she's not even sure if she's good enough to try to fit it. And when her group of students is included in the newest project from the institute to build a Einsten-Rosen Bridge, she feels like she might not be up to it.

The relationships with her fellow students feel really genuine, starting with some reservations from some, to curiosity and acceptance from others. There's also romance but it keeps on building along with the plot and it never seems to be at risk to overtake it.

Lexie does grow up during the book and we learn that the past hides many more secrets that she could even imagine, and that there are traitors where you wouldn't expect them to be. The climax might have been resolved a bit quickly, but the build up was pretty good, and I kept on waiting for the shoe to drop. Thankfully it was neatly resolved but the ending was open enough for a future series but also with enough closure for it to be a stand alone. I'm rooting for more books though!

Ultraviolet Catastrophe is a very solid 4 stars and if you like science fiction and science references with added geeky goodness, this is your book. It's a very solid 4 stars and it made me want to go do some reading and researching on physics. Only for that and the Doctor Who, BSG & HP references I feel like I should give it another half star!


  1. My inner geek loves the sound of this book! Wormholes, quantum physics... DOCTOR WHO REFERENCES. Yep, I really like the sound of this. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it, Pili. Fantastic review as always.

    1. My inner geek was doing cartwheels while reading this book, Sam! Hope you'll check it out!

  2. Thank you so much for the nice tour stop Pili! Love the review and your website is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Jolene! It was a lot of fun to plan this entry! Can't wait to work with you guys again for TWO!

  3. Wow this book sounds like it could have been overwhelming with the science stuff but it seems like it was a very good read. I do LOVE sci-fi but not when it goes to complex you know. However it needs to be realistic without weird holes and stuff - which is especially a problem with time travel etc. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one! Great review! :)

    1. Thanks Giselle! It does have science, but it made me want to read more about instead of being overwhelming!

  4. Science and a geeky heroine? Count me in! This sounds totally up my alley and I loved your review. Totally adding it to the TBR, thanks for bringing this book to my attention!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. Thanks Jeann!
      Do let me know how you like it if/when you do read it!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting a stop on the blog tour, Pili! You're the best!

    1. Thank you for writing a great book and sharing it with us, Jamie!


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