Monday, September 2, 2013

Mark This Book Monday: Redemption by Brynn Myers!

Yet another edition of Mark This Book Monday and this time with a read that I enjoyed but had a hard time getting into. Which proves that your mood affects what you enjoy.

Redemption (Prophecies of The Nine, #1)Redemption by Brynn Myers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Redemption is the first book of the Prophecies of the Nine series, after Entasy, the prequel.

I really enjoyed Entasy, with its Irish mythology references and the action and set up for the series so I was quite excited to read Redemption.

Each one of the books of the series will be about each one of the members of the Nine, the group of heroes fighting to defend not only their lives but also the human world from domination, and also progress the storyline of their fight to defeat Liam, their sworn enemy.

Redemption is Kylah and Aerric's story. Kylah just recovered her memory of who she really is and was, and also the memories of what made her with the help of her grandmothers decide to fake her death and erase her mind.

Once this is revealed she has to deal with her feelings, her memories and her guilt and also with the betrayal that Aerric feels since he was left broken thinking that his mate had died. Their relationship is in shambles and if we had Obsidian to the mix, that has feelings for Kylah and that while she was living her other life she also had feeling for him... it all becomes a bit of a big mess of a sort of love triangle.

Somehow I really couldn't connect too well with this book, I kept on putting it down and picking it up again a few days later, but I'm remiss to put the blame really on the book, given the emotional state I was while reading it... it really was not the right book for my emotional mess.

Once I managed to get into the book I felt the preparations for war and the showdown with Liam were mixed in a very odd way, not really giving enough focus to either... and once the action really started it all seemed to be over very soon.

I still plan to continue reading the series and I'm looking forward to reading about Viv and Tynan's story on Devotion.

A 3 stars read.

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  1. It's a shame that you couldn't really connect with this one, but I'm glad that you're still planning to continue with the series. My mood can totally get in the way on my reading too, so I definitely relate to that. But lovely review! :)

    1. Thanks Sam!

      Yeah, I was in a very different emotional place when I read this one and when I read the prequel... and I'm hoping I'll be back at a better place to read the next!


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