Monday, September 9, 2013

Mark This Book Monday: Sweet Legacy by Tera Lynn Childs!

The next entry for Mark This Book Monday is the final book on the Medusa Girls trilogy and as such is also in my September is for Sequels challenge list!

Sweet Legacy (Medusa Girls, #3)Sweet Legacy by Tera Lynn Childs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet Legacy is the final book in the Medusa Girls trilogy so it's final showdown for Gretchen, Grace and Greer to save the world, the Gorgons and themselves. As it is the final book I will try my very best to avoid spoilers for it, but this review will contain spoilers for the previous books for sure.

The action picks up right where Sweet Shadows left us, with the girls stepping into the Abyss together to try and rescue the Gorgons. As the final book, there's plenty of action to go around, quite a few shocking revelations, some unexpected twists and a wee little bit of romance here and there.

The girls keep on learning to deal with their powers, to fight together, to relay in each other and to trust each other. Gretchen learns to trust on their sisters and not always feel the need to be the one in charge, Grace gains confidence to trust her instincts and to know that she can fight when she needs to, and Greer finally realizes that she loves being a Huntress and having sisters that she can love and decides to accept her gift and her legacy.

While everything that's happening leads to the final confrontation, the girls learn that they won't have to face neither monsters nor gods on their own, and that having those they love around them won't be a liability, but instead could be the key to victory.

The climax is finished maybe a bit too tightly and orderly but there are a few little hints unresolved for the girls to figure out and for us to wonder how they'll do.

All in all a very fun and quick read and a good ending for a series that gave the Greek mythology an interesting twist! Well deserved 3 and a half stars!

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  1. I've been curious about this series but I haven't given it a try yet. Greek myth fascinates me so it's the main reason I wanna read it. It sounds like it was a pretty good finale, too, if not mind blowing. Great review! :)

    1. I will give a try at anything with greek mythology in it! And this one never made me want to quick, on the contrary kept me entertained and reading quickly, all three books, so I'll have to recommend it!

  2. I was never even remotely tempted to read this series since it sounds like so many other things I read, but I'm happy that you enjoyed it overall, even though it didn't blow you away or anything. GReat review.

    1. Thanks Maja!

      I really liked that it was focused more on Medusa and the Gorgons and the monsters with a different twist and not the most usual suspects on Greek mythology!


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