Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Good news from people I love!

Hello everyone!

I hope your week is going great! I can't really complain, not only I've had 3 weeks off, in which though I haven't got much sleep due to some renovations from one of my neighbours, I've managed to get some rest, read some very much awaited books, get myself a new wi-fi router when they came around to check why my connection was spotty and got myself an awesome piece of bookish swag in the mail in the shape of a custom relic postcard by Gwenda Bond!

So yeah, even if I'm extremely thankful for all that, that's not just what this Thankful Thursday is gonna be about, it is gonna be about spending time with my friends, being silly with them and getting some great news from them! In 2014 I already have a confirmed date of a wedding from one of my besties, another quite probable that same year and another confirmed wedding for 2015! YAY!

And now I'm gonna leave you all with a few silly pictures of my meet up with my besties to give them their gift sarees for their b-days and how they loved wearing them, and how much fun I had putting them on!

Explaining the folding

Where's that safety piiiiin?!

And now over the arm and ready!

Tucking it in properly!



  1. I love reading your Thankful Thursdays! Looks like you and your friends had a blast with those sarees!

    1. Thanks Ky!

      We had a brilliant time! We can't meet up the 5 of us all that often since Nayade lives in Firenze, but when we do... we make the most of it!


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