Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: A cover for my KitchenAid!

Hey everyone!

How's Wednesday going? Mine started a bit on the not so good side, but nothing that a paracetamol and some extra sleep couldn't deal with!

Today we're back with Wearing Handmade Wednesday, and this time is an awesome collaboration of two very talented ladies: Jamie of Warning Label Creations and Kylie of Fabulosly Fierce!

I wanted a cover for my KA, and I didn't want any of the old boring ones I'd already seen, so I decided to ask Jamie and see if she wanted to attempt making me a custom one, including some custom embroidery that Kylie would do, and it worked great! Embroidery panels on the side and cupcakes fabric, it's absolutely perfect!

It's practical, decorative and cute, and my Miss Marple KA couldn't be happier with her cover!


  1. It turned out awesome!! Im glad I got to be part of making it for you!!

  2. It's one of my favorite things I have ever made! Kudos to Kylie and her impeccable embroidery skills!

  3. They did a great job collaborating on this! The end result is so stylish and sassy. Does it put a bit of extra attitude into the things you cook? ;-)~

  4. that's so cute -- I can barely stand it!

  5. "Baking Is Hot" -- I love it!
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