Monday, August 27, 2012

Mark This Book Monday: The Night Circus by Erin Morngerstern!

Hello everyone!

It's been quite a while again without blogging time, but this summer heat and some going ons have really kept me in the mostly unmotivated sort of feel.

But today I've decided it's about time I get back to blogging and to recommending some books, cause I think the most abandoned feature over here has been the Mark This Book Monday!

And no, it is not due to a lack of reading on my part, I'm a bookworm through and through, and despite some odd lapses, like recently when I've spent two weeks without reading a single book, I go through at least two books a week, if not more...

So today, I wanna share with you a book I discovered thanks to Goodreads: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern!

I have to warn you though, this won't be a review as usual. I feel like even by trying to explain what the book is about will take away from the pleasure of reading the book, page by page unraveling its mysteries and the way it progresses. The way I found to avoid it was unintentional, but I remember seeing it on Goodreads, getting the eBook and then not reading it till like 2 months later.

I fell in love with this book. But unlike other books I love, this is not the kinda book you devour, it's the kinda book you love to enjoy and savour, much like a dessert you want to take your time with. This book is the story of a circus and of more than two main characters. The feel and atmosphere of the book and the circus is Victorian and somewhat Burtonesque, with the blacks and whites and the unexpected wonders that aren't really what they seem.

If you're thinking that it's a slow book, yes, it is, it's not a fast paced book that will leave your head spinning, but it's also the kinda book that will make you want to keep turning page after page, and will make you marvel at the complex world it builds.

My advice, grab a copy and prepare yourself to enjoy a world of wonders. Sit, relax and dive into the world of the Night Circus!



  1. pspartHi Pili - Thanks for the recommendation. I always go to GoodReads or amazon's customer reviews before purchasing a book I don't know much about but have been intriqued or curious about. This sounds like a book I'd enjoy. And there'd be no worries or complaints from me about it being a 'slow read.' I am, by choice, a very slow reader. I used to be a super-speed reader, but found that I didn't enjoy or get as much as I could have out of reading because of just buzzing my way through a book - any book - I'd read. Since that time (this is going back many years now), I have deliberately 're-taught' myself how to read slowly, really taking in the story, the characters, the ambience, the timeline, the location, and the millions of little details that make a book that much more enjoyable.

    When I do get this book (and I think I'll be doing that sooner rather than later), we can chat about it - it'd be fun to do that, dontcha think?

    Right, so. I'm off and away to work on some more kitchen plaques (the Christmas craft fairs are starting to take bookings now, so I've got to get a lot more done).


  2. I'm a super fast reader too, June! I just can't help it, I think it's also part of my neverending want and need to know, to get answers and to know the whys and hows! That's why sometimes I find myself reading and finishing books and series that I don't particularly love, just to know what happens!

    I'd love to chat about this book with you! So far no one around me has read it, so I have no one to talk to about it!

  3. It is so hard for me to read for pleasure. I usually read for information purposes only. I keep trying to pick up some books I think will keep my interest, but I only get about halfway through :( Maybe I'll try this one out. :)


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