Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Feature: Trencadis, amazing mosaic art from Spain!

Hello everyone! Friday is here and with it finally a new edition of Friday Feature!

And today it's a very special one, cause the focus of today's Friday Feature is Trencadis, the shop of  a super talended crafter from Alicante, Spain!

You can't image how proud I am to share this wonderful shop with you all! Finding it cause an absolute strike of luck in an already fairly lucky day! I had found an unique photo album to turn into my friend's Wedding Guest Book on the first shop I looked, and as I was printing photos for it I remembered my mum had asked for some photos to be printed of the Indian Wedding batch, so I got a brainwave for her belated b-day present! I printed two photos she had loved when seeing them all, and then went on an Etsy search for some cute handmade frames...

And low and behold I stumbled into these really really gorgeous mosaic frames that I just fell in love with, so I went to check how much the shipping would be, thinking they'd be from a shop from the US, as usual, and what was my surprise when I saw they were shipped from Spain! Even more thinking that they'd be here in time to give them to my mum the following Monday!

Angeles, the crafter/owner of Trencadis was super nice and was pleasantly surprised to get a fellow Spaniard as a customer! Unfortunately the handmade culture is really not big in Spain, so it's hard for crafters to find customers, and for handmade lovers like myself, it's hard to find shops that are into handmade and not Made In China!

I left on Friday for Valencia and the beach to have a weekend of stress, merriment and fun at my bff's wedding, and Angeles shipped my frames priority that very same day, so come Monday the postman delivered these two beauties, super well packed and protected! So much, that I had to spend a good pair of minutes trying to figure out the best way to unpack them!

I cut the photos further to make sure they fit nicely and re-wrapped them for my mum. I gave them to my mum that evening after work and she absolutely loved them! Both frames are amazing, and the tile work & combination of colours is brilliant! My mum loved them so much she's already looked for a place for them in her bureau for now, until she can decide where to put them to show them off better!

The orange & gold one is my mum's fave, but I'm not sure if that's the frame's merit only, or the fact that she loves that photo of me has something to do with it...

And I have to say, the navy and green frame is my fave of these two, and I can say is not just for the photo, I love how the combo of colours work for this frame!

I'm absolutely in love with this shop, and I'm thinking of getting some frames for myself too! But there are more than just frames there, you can also find some gorgeous candle holders, belt buckles and even vases!

I highly highly recommend this shop, and I'm doubly happy to do so, supporting not just handmade, but also a Spanish crafter, so my dears, do check Trencadis Etsy shop!


  1. Wonderful pieces! Love mosaic art. I have all ingredients at home to try it myself. Someday ;)

  2. Those frames are gorgeous! So glad you found a local shop you love!

  3. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! What a great shop to find!

  4. Qué marcos tan geniales. Quedan perfectos con esas fotos tan coloridas. ¡Qué guapa en todas las fotos!

  5. I checked out the shop. Those pieces are beautiful. :)

  6. This is such a sweet, thoughtful gift! I am a big fan of mosaics, and these are gorgeous with the vivid colors and the lovely photos inside. Happy birthday to your mother!

  7. These mosaics are absolutely stunning, Pili. And Angeles, the owner of the Trencadis, is an amazingly talented crafter. How kind and thoughtful and brilliant it was of her to ship those beautiful mosaic frames out to you so quickly. It's easy to see why your mum loves them so much - they're beautiful. I love mosaics, too, and have a lovely handmade one (made in Australia) that my hubby bought for me a couple of years ago on my birthday when we celebrated the day in Dublin. It's in various shades of my two favourite colours - blues and purples. Absolutely beautiful. There's just something about mosaics that's sort of...i don't know...magical. And beautiful.

    Thanks for letting us know all about Angeles' wonderful shop, Pili. I will definitely visit her Etsy shop and I'm sure will click on many favourites, and most likely be buying something beautiful from there very shortly.

    Belated birthday wishes to your mum!
    Love, June

  8. It's so amazing. I love the mosaics!!! I love the pictures you put in as well.
    It made me want to go to Spain :)

  9. Those frames are gorgeous (as are the photos within!) - I love the green and navy one, but then, I am partial to anything green. :)


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