Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traveling Thursday: Zurich!

Hello everyone! For this week's Traveling Thursday, I'm sharing photos of my most recent trip, this past weekend to Zurich, Switzerland!

G's family were there on vacation, so I decided to join them to spend some time with his elder sister and her family that I hadn't seen in almost two years, since they live in the US.

On Saturday we went to see the Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfalls in Europe, and the walk from the train station to the falls themselves was also gorgeous!

On Friday we went to Conny Land, a small amusement park, with a very cool rollercoaster, called the Cobra! And we saw the dolphin training session too!

And I didn't get to see too much of Zurich itself, except on our ways from the Central train station to our hotel, but since that's smack in the centre of Zurich, that was a nice view!

Packing for a weekend means only hand luggage, and my Weekender Dolly bag was perfect for it!

Switzerland looks like a lovely country that I'd love to visit again, but I should try and learn some German for my next trip, it'd make things easier!


  1. Looks like you guys had a good time! I <3 waterfalls, so pretty.

  2. You always manage to capture such beautiful photos wherever you go! Is photography something that just comes naturally for you? It seems so effortless! I think it's sweet that you're so friendly with G's family. That was one of the things that made my husband realize I was "the one". He saw how well I got along with his family and knew it was meant to be. ;-)

    Also, this series is inspiring me to dig out some of my old travel photos. I might have to do a Traveling Thursday post of my own soon!

  3. I'll probably be moving to Zurich in 6 monthish. If you ever come again you should let me know. Plus most people speak English in the Zurich area.

  4. @Sheika, I adore waterfalls too!

    @Holly, well, I haven't done any courses on photography, but I've always loved it, and I've read about technical details, but I'd say it does come naturally! I'd love to see a Traveling Thursday of yours!! =D

    @Andreanna, cool! I'd love to visit Zurich again, cause this time I barely had time to visit the city itself!

  5. I am visiting Europe soon! Very excited and nice to see the photos!

  6. gorgeous photos, and i especially love the dolphin training one!


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