Monday, July 11, 2011

Mark This Book Monday: OMGcow, The First Year!

Hello there everyone!

I'm starting the week by telling you that this week I'm gonna be absent enjoying some off days with the boyfriend, so I've worked on scheduling some blog posts the past week, and here's the first one!

With some mind food and a new edition of Mark This Book Monday, I have the pleasure to share with you the very talented Sheika and her webcomic turned into book: OMGcow, the First Year!

I've been following Sheika's webcomic since she started it, and I've loved reading it, but for a bookworm like myself, having the possibility of reading them all (at least the ones that are part of the book) in one go, in book shape has made the experience even better!

Sheika has a very distinct style of drawing, that can vary from more comic-y to more realistic, but it's the kinda style you'd recognize everywhere & anywhere as hers. Her comic is autobiographic, so she takes us through her art classes, her relationship, getting herself a cat, to art exhibitions, dancing cows and even her car accident. The mood and tone of the comic is just as life itself, sometimes more light & fun, and sometimes darker, sadder and even inviting to reflecting on our lives, through the reflections she makes herself.

Reading it is a breeze, it's addictive, entertaining, even makes you think about life, the universe and everything, and once you finish it, you wish it was longer! But, the reader is in luck in this case, since you can pick up from where the book ends and continue reading on her webcomic.

It's not every day that you get to question why you do what you do, and if you are doing what you really want to do, all while going "awwww" at dancing cows!

And since I pre-ordered the book, I got it signed by Miss Sheikasaurus Rex herself! And along with it some mini-comics and some awesomely cute cards for all occasions, and also proof that Miss Sheika is terribly talented at what people would call "proper" art, a sketch of my lil Cinnamon that made me smile and cry at the same time.

If you want to give a chance to comics for a change, and superheroes are not your thing, you can order OMGcow, the First Year here, and you can check the ongoing webcomic here!


  1. This book sounds fun, and her illustrations are so bright and pretty! You know I'm a sucker for color. ;-)

  2. Sheika is just so talented! I love that she put this book together :)

  3. sheika's book made me laugh and cry. she is an amazing artist with a fabulous sense of humor! and WOW, the painting on canela is awesome!!!


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