Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Feature: Ametista Dark Decor!

Friday is here, and with it a new edition of Friday Feature!

This week I wanna show off my bloody brilliant MoNsTeR bOx by Ametista Dark Decor! I discovered this amazing Etsy shop via Deb Gassmann's favourites, when she hearted this very box (Deb is the very talented lady behind On Cupcake Moon and my taste twin!).

Ametista's shop is full of all sorts of amazing things, from MoNsTeR bOxEs to apothecary bottles, to treacherous tea sets, to amazing mirrors and wall hangings, everything with a touch of dark, pagan and even a bit of burtonesque for good measure!

MoNsTeR bOxEs come from deep within the dark jungles of la Isla de Ametista, and they're very fierce and tricky to catch! My own box, called Dorothy's Revenge due to an unfortunate accident, witch with striped socks... as described in the listing itself: "We were taken up in a twister whilst chasing this elusive MoNsTeR bOx and when we came back down to earth, (bOx in hand) we discovered that we had somehow landed on a witch and had unfortunately and much to our dismay, crushed her, leaving nothing to view but her striped socks...poor dear!" And it's quite a well behaved box, maybe cause the witch underneath it knows another witch when she sees one, but the box hasn't tried to snap my fingers off yet! ;)

My dear box arrived so well protected and packed! Great attention to detail from the Ametista ladies, and I even got my authenticity certificates! You don't want a MoNsTeR bOx without an authenticity certificate, it might be too wild and snap your fingers off!

With great attention to detail in every swirl and stripe of paint, and the cutest blue fur inside, this box is a proper treasure, and I'm very much in love with it, I just can't wait to have a place of my own to display it!

If you want a MoNsTeR bOx of your own, hurry up, there are two on SALE at the Etsy shop now!


  1. those are really fun! I love the curly toed feet! :)

  2. Amazing box!!!
    I love little storage containers...have way to many! Now if only I would use them :)
    Off to check out the shop!

  3. Awwww! Amazing! I love the wrapping box too.

  4. you swiped this box on me! ;) i couldn't be happier it went to someone who i know would love it as much as i would! =)


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