Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Feature: Cotton Purr!!

Hello everyone, Friday is here once again! Even though for me this weekend is a busy one, given that I work two night shifts on a row, and I have the celebration of my younger nephew and my sis-in-law's birthdays on Saturday!

On today's Friday Feature I wanna share with you a seller that I already introduced in my blog a pair of years back here, when she made me a custom pouch for my phone back then. Since then, I kept Cotton Purr, JoJo's shop in my favourites, checking now and then what new products she was adding to her line, and what new fabrics she was using.

And when it came to the time to search for a replacement for my beloved Sanrio Hello Kitty wallet (which I adore and bought at the Delhi's Sanrio store, before it closed) which was getting seriously battered and which had always been a bit of a fight with the card slots (the tiniest wee bit too small, so it was always a bit of a fight to get cards in & out of some of them), I decided that I was going for a handmade wallet this time (of course!!) and that I needed a wallet with a cute fabric, with plenty of card slots, that they should be roomy enough, the wallet itself should be roomy enough to accommodate the many business cards from sellers I always carry, AND it needed to have a clear pocket so I could carry a photo of G & me there... a bit much, you say? Well, I began to think so till I saw the latest wallet that JoJo had introduced to her shop, the Ultimate Wallet Purse, and she can rightly call it that, cause it just had everything I was looking for in a wallet! It was just a question of choosing the right fabric, and when I saw this one, I knew it was the right one!

When buying from Cotton Purr you always get a convo to thank you for your purchase and to tell you the expected date of shipping taking into account her current production time, and then another when she actually ships the item, and when your package arrives, it's all lovingly wrapped like this:

I love the fabric I chose for my wallet; there were other very cute fabrics, a bit more bold and with lighter colours, but I had decided that I wanted a fabric that was cute, but could stand better about the dirt that could come to it through every day use, and this fabric is perfect!

And now it's time to take a lot inside... Did I say I wanted a roomy wallet with loads of roomy card slots? Well, I'd say I really got what I wanted! The accordion shape of the wallet makes it capable of holding loads of everything really, money, tons of cards, even your passport, and since you also have a coins zippered pocket, you can be sure your coins won't end up all over the place (unless you forget to zip it sometime...). It is roomy enough to hold my cell phone without its TARDIS case and still close without a struggle! And that way I can use it as a carry clutch, in case I don't want to carry a handbag.

And of course my last requirement that so many wallets I saw on Etsy lacked: the clear window/pocket, for ID or in my case, for photos! What can I say, I just have to have a photo of G & me in my wallet, it just makes me smile every time I open the wallet, and sometimes, when I need a smile, I open the wallet just to look at it!

As you can see I found the wallet I wanted, handmade with love and one that causes my co-workers to ask where I got it! I like it so much that I'm getting one for my sis-in-law for her b-day (she also inquired about it) and a slightly smaller model, the Mid Size Wallet Purse, for my friend Gema.

If you are looking for THE wallet, go check out Cotton Purr, it is quite likely that you might just find it waiting for you there!


  1. That wallet is so perfect and professional! And good customer service is SO very important. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Oh, wow! That's a beautiful wallet. I'm going to have to save her shop for when I have money haha

  3. Oh thats so perfect, i know how much you wanted a clear pocket for a photo! <3 it!

  4. well, if you can't have HK -- that is a FAB option!! :)

  5. Wow~ you two are so adorable in the photo!! Thanks for the featuring, I am so grateful to have an awesome customer like you. A good comment really is the main drive that keeps me going, thank you again!!

    Cotton Purr

  6. as always, you have picked a beautiful fabric for yourself. i swear i have to stalk your fabric choices in your favorites more often! =)


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