Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Lady Moon Designs!!

Hello everyone! *waves* You can consider this the equivalent of a recorded message, cause right now, I'm either killing time at Heathrow's airport, or flying towards Delhi & the bf!

But, I thought that wasn't a reason to abandon the blog, and thanks to Blogger scheduled posts, I'm bringing you yet another edition of Wearing Handmade Wednesday!

Lady Moon Designs Dark Love Shrug

Lady Moon Designs is the perfect shop for you to visit if you want tops, skirts, jackets, corsets with an alternative sense of fashion and a healthy dose of goth! Anna, the very talented designer, seamstress and one-woman-factory behind it, lives in Tasmania (how cool is that?). Her pieces are gorgeous, with the coolest fabrics and great quality! I own many pieces, including some sexy underbust corsets! Now, I have my eye in a Ring Master jacket with that amazing purple skull damask fabric... And, if you need more reasons to visit her shop, she offers Free Worldwide Shipping!


  1. Happy holiday!

    Lovely jacket and very cool photo.

  2. Amazing picture! You look lovely :)) x

  3. you know, i recognize the name from the forums, and yet, i don't believe i've ever visited her shop! after taking a peek just now, SURELY i'd have remembered! what a GORGEOUS selection of pieces! i want.

  4. Hi Pili!
    I love the shrug. Very sexy indeed. Also it's perfect for an evening wear.
    You look lovely in it ;)

  5. That is really lovely! Looks wonderful on you!

  6. i stalk her shop regularly! your shrug is wickedly gorgeous!!! =)


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