Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Fabulously Fierce Pets!!

Wednesday is once again here, so once again it's also time for Wearing Handmade Wednesday!

This week I'm also having a guest model, and you'll have to agree that she's a total cutie!

Miss Indy sporting her new Fabulously Fierce Pets leash bag!

Once I gave the Fabulously Fierce Pets' leash bags and the new collar to my friend Pilu, she though that Miss Indy needed to show off the leash bag as if she were a St Bernard with its barrel!

If your pets, be it a doggie or a kitty, need a new collar or you want something to hold your mobile phone & the home keys while you walk your doggie while wearing something without pockets, Fabulously Fierce Pets and her collars & leash bags are ideal for you! And if you need any advice or help about what to get exactly for your needs, Kylie as a pet owner herself can always help on what will be best!


  1. i've grown up with saint bernards, and i can definitely say: yes, indy's got the pose down! haha :)

    kylie is so talented! hooray for kylie!

  2. what a patient sweet model! Cool pocket too!

  3. miss indy is looking fabulously fierce! =)

  4. Thank you SO much Pili! I can't get over how gorgeous Indy is - I have so many great shots of her now, I think she should be my spokesmodel :)

  5. What an adorable model you have! I'm a big fan of golden retrievers, and Indy looks like a real sweetheart. My cats will not wear collars, and we don't try to force it because they're inside kitties anyway. But this post is kinda making me wish they would wear them, because I would definitely buy them something cute from her shop. Fun post!

    Also, I wish I could take you to a craft show with me. You would be in HEAVEN!

  6. Oh my gosh...SO cute!! What an adorable model too!

  7. My dog will need a new collar soon - will have to check out her shop!
    Your model is very cute :)


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