Friday, November 19, 2010

Ebee Paperie!

Hello from India everyone!

This is still one of my scheduled entries, since with the whole trip, unpacking and getting into the whole routine at G's house, I thought it better to have all blog entries planned, and then start next week afresh, though I may have to schedule some entries too, since we'll be going to Darjeeling for a few days!

Today, I wanted to show off the cutest set of note cards for any photographer to have! As soon as I saw these cuties at Ebee Paperie's Etsy shop I fell in love! These cards are really cute and not cluttered and really to the point, with the super cute camera image in there. They're blank, so they can be used for any and all purposes! And you'll have to agree with me, the grocery bag/kraft envelopes do round up the whole set great!.

Erin was super generous to send me a set of her Camera note cards when I asked her if she did ship internationally in her Ebee Paperie shop, and I do know for sure I must get me a few more sets of them! If I finally manage to get my act together and work on selling my photography, I fully intend to use them as thank you cards for my (future & hypothetical) customers!

Ebee Paperie is one of the three ventures of Erin, along with Erin Bradley Designs and Ink Obsession Designs! She's a designer, and if you add to that her love for paper & ink, you can understand how she juggles all three shops! In her Erin Bradley Designs Etsy shop you can find premade sets of banner, avatar and even logos for your Etsy shop, at her Ink Obsession Designs shop you can find all sort of invitations and cards for all occasions, premade & printable, with even more variety at her website. And Ebee Paperie is the shop for all sort of printed cards!

I found Erin on blogger, and started following her Ink Obsession blog, and really loved her graphic design style, and as she started adding blogs, one for Ebee Paperie and one as a more personal one, I followed them too. She's quite fun to read, and she sometimes shares some important lessons with her fellow bloggers, like "always back up your files on an external HDD or you'll cry!" and "Do not use your laptop or HDD as a coaster for your coffee/tea!" (and I have to say, I am guilty of the last one, or should I say, I was?).

If you have an Etsy shop and want to get your shop a bit more festive but are tight on budget to get one of Erin's premade sets, you're lucky, cause she's offering a free Holiday set of banner & avatar for your Etsy shop in her blog!

Have a great Friday & weekend everyone! I know I will, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 1, here we go! ;)


  1. I hope you're having fun in India, Pili! Those camera notecards were made for you! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVE YOU. This is the best blog post EVER. You just made my day/week/month/year. You rock. :)

    Have a great time in India! Can't wait to see pics when you get back!

  3. that's really cute! and perfect for you :)

    have a safe trip! i agree with erin- can't wait for photos!

  4. those notecards are so very you! i really like her packaging too. hope you are having fun with G! =)

  5. Pili, I would TOTALLY buy your photos if you started a shop! And I just love Erin's work. Your idea to send them as thank you's for a photography shop is perfect, and I think they'd also work well along with a photo given as a gift. Hmmm...

    I hope you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy yourself, girlfriend!! ♥ ♥

  6. Hi Pili!
    What a gorgeous card set. I love the camera design (It's perfect for your hobby right?).
    She has such wonderful selection. I might buy one too ;)

  7. those are adorable even for a non-photog! Can't wait to see your photography...


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