Monday, February 1, 2016

Mark These Books Monday: We'll Never Be Apart & Discover Ruta Sepetys sampler!!

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Today is a Monday off work, even if it's because I worked night shift on Sunday! But hey, I've slept a bit in the morning and I don't have plans beyond sorting some books, doing some chores around the house and start my buddy read of Carry On with Mel!

For this week's Mark These Books Monday I have two more reviews that shall count towards my Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge, both backlogged eARCs from Netgalley that should help me remain with my ratio at 80% or more!

Discover Ruta SepetysDiscover Ruta Sepetys by Ruta Sepetys

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this sampler for both Between Shades of Grey and Salt to the Sea from Netgalley because I've heard many things about Ruta Sepetys' books and all of them good, so I wanted to check the writing for myself and see if they are my kind of books.

And well, the answer is yes, they are my kind of books for sure! I only got a few chapters of each book and I already was turning pages fast, completely engaged and very much drawn into the stories of those I had just barely met! The characters voices felt so very real and the writing is simply fantastic, drawing you into the story and keeping a hold of you!

Now I need to get me both Between Shades of Grey and Salt to the Sea ASAP!!

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We'll Never Be ApartWe'll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We'll Never Be Apart was a book that I requested last year because it sounded very intriguing, it was a debut book and I wanted to read a bit more contemporary. For some reason or other I couldn't get to it before release date and then it joined the ranks of my poor backlogged eARCs.

I read most of the book last Friday during night shift, and that means both that I had a rather good shift and that the book was a fast and engaging read! The book would have got a higher rating if I wouldn't have suspected so early what the twist at the end of the book was. I'm not saying it was super obvious, because there was not just one thing to point out that might have given it away...

The book is told from Alice's POV while she's at a mental health institution and also by her journal entries and memories. Alice is a complex and intriguing character and discovering her past anew and her reflections on it were also quite fascinating.

The way the author wrote the tension and the fear and trepidation that Alice felt was fantastic and the pacing was also done very well. The book makes you want to turn pages and find out more about what might have happened, about who Jason really was, what happened that night and how Alice can get better.

I wasn't too keen on the possibility of a romance when we first met Chase, but I have to say it was done so well and it really didn't bother me as much as I would have thought at first. Chase was more than what he might have seemed at first, and his character development was done really well.

All in all, it was a very engaging book, even if the epilogue did change things around a bit again, and although I had guessed the twist, the book managed to keep my interest! 3 to 3.5 stars to an intriguing debut!

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  1. Gorgeous reviews Pili. <3 I'm sorry you didn't love the second book :\ but glad you liked it even so :) Doesn't sound like something for me, lol. And yay for reading samplers and enjoying them :) I cannot wait to read Salt to the Sea. Just waiting for my hardcover :) Hope you'll love it. <3 Happy reading Pili :D CARRY ON. You will love it. You better, lol :D I love it so so so much. <3

  2. It's so exciting when you read a few pages and discover that the author's writing really resonates with you! It definitely sounds like the twist in the 2nd book is quite predictable. I'm glad you ended up enjoying that one, Pili. Great reviews as always!

    1. Right?! I'm so excited for the full Ruta Sepetys books now!
      Thank you Jeann dear!

  3. I can't handle samplers because if I love the writing and can't afford the book, or get the ARC, I am flattened! Ha ha. :)

    1. I like them when I'm trying to figure out if I'll like the book or not!

  4. Hmmm, the second one doesn't sound so good. I am intrigued by the first one! I can't do samplers but I wanted to give that one a chance because the author is incredibly popular and her debut was very well-received! Perhaps in the future. I hope you love the rest of the book, Pili!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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