Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Reads: A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab!!!!

Hey there guys!

It's Friday!! And this time I do have the week off too, like most people! Wheee!

Today I have one of the top 10 books of 2016 for this week's Friday Reads and you might think it is a bit early to be so sure, but I have no doubt about it!! I'm now a massive Victoria Schwab fangirl and the Shades of Magic series it's one I'm recommending & pushing onto everyone!

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic, #2)A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Massive book hangover in place, I keep thinking of the characters and what happened ALL THE TIME!

Shades of Magic is a trilogy so AGOS is the second book and one that not only didn't suffer from the middle book syndrome, but that simply made you forget that such a thing even exists!

I was dying to get my hands on this one since the moment I finished A Darker Shade of Magic and re-reading it to prepare was also a great idea, because I soaked all the details in a way I hadn't done the first time!

A Gathering of Shadows was brilliant and I didn't want to stop reading, wanted to read slower because I didn't want the book to end and I wanted to devour the book because I needed to know what was coming next!

The pace of the book, plot wise, might have been a bit more leisurely, at least if we think of the end game where things were leading up to, BUT give the amazing character development that was going on and how central it is to the plot and will continue to be (I'm sure of that) I was simply enjoying (and/or suffering) every minute of it!!

Lila, Kell & Rhy are simply put amazing, nuanced and deeply flawed and multidimensional characters (no pun intended about the multiple Londons) and I loved having all three as POV characters in this one!

I really loved Rhy's voice and seeing his struggle with the new situation with his own voice was something I was very glad we got to read! I adore Kell and so feel for him and his struggles between his restlessness, his need of freedom and his unfaltering loyalty to his brother, because Kell & Rhy? BEST BROMANCE EVER! But Lila... LILA IS EVERYTHING! I adore her and she's the best thief because she stole my heart in ADSOM and I'm sure it won't be returned to me, ever!! She's brave, reckless and ONE OF A DAMNED KIND! *sigh* Lila is my patronus!

The tension in this book, both plot wise and character wise increases exponentially as the ending gets closer and you cannot turn pages fast enough but will also need a breather for some tea now and then because you might experience a feelings overload or two (or maybe more, just be warned!).

And the final warning, we get a cliffhanger, and dear Lila almighty it's a MASSIVE BIG DUAL CLIFFHANGER and I don't know how I'll survive till the final book in the trilogy comes out... *is dead of feels*

All the bloody stars to this one!! As Travars! (damn, doesn't seem to work for time travel...)

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  1. Pfft. There was no "DUAL" cliffhanger. IT WAS TRIPLE. Maybe even QUADRUPLE. *WAILS* *enjoys complany* (b/c MISERABLE.)

    But it so SO GOOD.


  2. A DUAL CLIFFHANGER??!!! *falls down dead of stress* Clearly I need to wait to binge read this series, but I'm so glad you're loving it Pili! I have little doubt that I'm going to be a fan as well. Can't wait to spend time in this world!

    1. Jenny, you must read this series for sure!! I'll be bugging you next year once the last book comes out to GO READ THEM ALL!!

  3. Piliiiii! I finished last night and I was slain. Yes big massive book hangover now. I too struggled with wanting to know what's coming next but not wanting the book to ever end. I was trying to read slower around the last 50 pages but it still ended... *cries*

    Kell and Lila, Kell and Rhy = everything!! So many feels, I don't even know where to start ahhh. Those cliffhangers were brutal but surprisingly I didn't mind them. I'm definitely dying to know what's next but I'm so happy with the progression of the story :D

    LOL at the end of your review. You're brilliant but why doesn't it work on time travel T.T Let's just hold hands and wait it out.

    1. Yes, we're gonna need some sort of group therapy to survive the wait! WHAT A BOOK! WHAT AN AMAZING BOOK!!

  4. Gah! I cannot read this book probably until June! I have a March ARCpocalypse wating to happen, and then ARC April. May doesn't look much better and and I want to be able to be only reading this story and not rushed! Maybe I will say to hell with everything one weekend and read it before. We shall see. Thanks for the review, Pili. :)

    1. For me this one was one of those books that I knew I was gonna throw away anything that I was reading before and start RIGHT AWAY! Also, make sure you read it when you have plenty of time to read without interruptions!

  5. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! I think you and I line up in opinion except I don't like Lila nearly as much as you do (I pretty much hated her in book one, and I hate her less in this book, but I still don't completely love her). I cannot wait for book three! NEED! :D

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. Aw, yaaay :D I'm so glad you loved this book Pili. <3 Sigh. I love Victoria too. I'm not sure when I feel like being brave enough to re-read ADSOM, lol, but I need to soon, so that I can finally read AGOS too :D Thank you for sharing your thoughts sweetie. <3 Yaaay. But ahh. Evil cliffhangers are THE WORST. Hope book three will be the very best, though :)


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