Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tell Me Tuesdays #33!!

Tell Me Tuesdays is a meme/feature created by the awesome La La In The Library, where we can share how we choose the book we are currently reading from our TBR pile!

I'm always curious about that, cause as much as I tend to make myself a rough schedule for books to read and the like, I'm quite a mood reader and sometimes I just HAVE to ignore my schedule and read something else!

 Empire of the Sand by Teresa Yea

Liam is a trained killer—meticulous, cunning, an artist with a knife.
Cat is his protégée—wild, reckless, a girl lost.
They're young.
They're beautiful.
They kill monsters.

Egypt, 1866. A terror is unleashed upon Cairo.
A predator that travels under a cloak of storms and lurks amongst the dunes.
It reigns like a king in an empire of sand and kills with human-like precision.
Its prey of choice: man.

Liam can't resist the allure of the ultimate kill.
Cat has a vendetta against all unnatural creatures.
They’re deadly.
They’re invincible.
They’re being hunted.

From the author of Love in a Time of Monsters comes an electrifying prequel that invites you to live fast, die young, and shed a little blood.

I loved Teresa's Love in a Time of Monsters and so when I heard she had a prequel and saw that cover (done by my dear friend Jenny from Supernatural Snark & Seedlings Design Studio) I knew I needed to read it ASAP! And the perfect excuse (so to speak) arrived when I decided to focus only on books written my BAME authors for Diverse December!

 So what are you all guys reading and how and why did you decide to pick up that book? Shiny new ARC? Comfort read? Scheduled for review? Must have new release? Tell me!!


  1. Ahh, Jenny's covers always lure me in! I loved LiToM, per your recommendation so I'll definitely be reading this soon. It's first I hear about it, so thank you!

    1. YAY! So glad that you loved LiToM! And yeah, Jenny's covers are so alluring, and all the books I've checked I've loved!

  2. I wanted to read Love in a Time of Monsters and I totally forgot. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks *squishy hugs* for TMTing!

    1. Always happy to join and happy to remind you of books to check out!

  3. Sounds interesting! I'm not a fan of the cover but the synopsis sounds cool. I'll have you know that I'm starting Ignite Me! :D

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. I'm quite tempted to recommend these two as Pili Pushed books for next year! ;)

  4. Looks pretty awesome :D I hope you ended up loving this one sweet girl. <3 Awesome post, as always :) I hope you had the most awesome week. And that your weekend will be great :)

    1. I did! Thank you sweetie! I hope your week was great too!


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