Friday, June 12, 2015

BEA 2015 Recap: Thursday - Day 2!!

Hello again guys!

I'm still damned busy but I want to try and work on the recaps for all 3 days of BEA for this week, so here I am again!

Today it's all about BEA Day 2 - Thursday!

Once again, thank you everyone for allowing me to steal your pics for this recap!!


Me and the roomies had agreed on waking up super early to be at the queue so we'd get a good spot to try and make it to the Passenger signing! My #1 priority was the Firewalker signing by Josephine Angelini, but my roomies were so excited about Passenger and so sure of our BEA game, that they convinced me to go with them to the Passenger signing and then run to the Firewalker line at the authographing area (which was much better organized than the entering BEA line by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!).

Waking up early for me was a piece of cake, because JET LAG! but everyone else had a bit of a harder time, we then went to grab our breakfast at a deli (YAY for cream cheese bagels!), took an Uber and parked ourselves in the line for BEA around 6:45, mission acomplished!

We were joined by the rest of our crew aka the ducklings, Octavia (Mama Duck!), Nikki, Christina, Cassi, Melissa, Cristina (and her brother) and Dan! Having breakfast, chatting, plotting, sharing info, dancing to Christina's music... the works!

Meeting people at the line is fantastic because it's when you have the most time to chat! But BEA staff are a real disaster when it come to organizing lines, like bringing a part of the line from behind to the front to make rows of four, like WHAT IN THE BLOODY F!?!

Before being allowed to get in at 9 am we were repeatedly admonished "DO NOT RUN!", they must have been scared of having a repeat of the Truthwitch avalanche! ;) As such, I didn't run, just walked briskly and made it at a very decent spot for the Passenger line with Britt and Sarah. We chatted with Jamie, I met the lovely Gillian from Writer of Wrongs (I couldn't believe she knew who I am!) and had a barrels of laughs with the very unique Marlon from We Live & Breathe Books.

Meeting Alexandra Bracken was simply amazing! She's freaking adorable and so wonderful to chat with! She was telling me all about how she wants to come to Spain on vacation!! Resisting reading Passenger early will be VERY hard!!

And in case you were wondering, that's my TARDIS cardigan and my custom made Piwicakes tote that Becca painted for me! I got a lot of people complimenting my tote, my R2D2 bag and my TARDIS cardigan! Clearly bookish peeps are my people! ;)

Right after getting my book signed I parted ways with my roomies to head to the authographing area while they went to another drop. The line for Josephine Angelini was not too bad and my roomies soon joined me! Josie was adorable and her publicist commented that I was the person coming from father away they'd had!

Proof that my roomies are the bestest, Becca grabbed me an ARC of A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano because she knew I wanted it!

Then I decided I wanted to stay around the authographing area because I wanted to meet & hopefully get a pic with Wendy Higgins and Sara Raasch! I planned to wait till their lines were over to approach them, and while I was around the Wendy Higgins line I met Jenny from Supernatural Snark!!

Jenny and I have been commenting and chatting in each other blog comments for a long time and I was super excited to meet her at BEA! We spent the time at Wendy's line chatting and she's as adorable in person as in her blog and Twitter!

Wendy was also an absolute sweetheart and I was beyond happy to get to meet her!! My phone failed but Wendy took a pic of us with her phone and I'm still overwhelmingly happy that she has that photo as her Twitter avatar!! *hyperventilates*

I also got to meet and say hello to Sara that was lovely, but no photo because my phone sucks...

And then joined the line for Heather Demetrios that was lovely as well! I got a super cute hamsa charm along with a lovely postcard and my signed copy of Blood Passage! Now I can read book 1 and survive the awful cliffhanger I read about! If Heather Demetrios made me love her contemporary books, I cannot wait to read her fantasy series!

I spent some more time hanging around with Jenny and her absolutely adorable mum, then joined the roomies for a lil while, but then they went for the Libba Bray signing and I had nothing in my schedule till the Fall Out by Gwenda Bond signing, that was my other priority for the day!

I decided to go to the Disney booth and get in line to get the Magnus Chase sampler and the shield! for Sarah, I got there super early, joined the by then tiny line thanks to Melissa (thanks girl!) and spent the time chatting with Jon and Nori and also met the lovely Hazel from Stay Bookish! She made feel a lil bad for my poor camera at the hotel room, since she had her DSLR with her like a total pro!

And not only did we get the shield and the sampler (that I gave to Sarah) but we also got a totally tasty cupcake that I obviously ate as a reward! ;)

Still munching on my cupcake I dropped by the Capstone booth and saw that the line for Gwenda Bond was already forming, so I stayed there!

Gwenda recognized me by my Twitter handle and promised that she would write a sequel for The Woken Gods one day just for me (which probably means, so I can stop bugging her about it!). She was awesome all around and rocked her leather skirt as Lois herself would have! ;)

After that I joined my roomies and soon after that we headed back to our hotel room, so Becca could get ready for the Mcmillan party! While she was there mingling and having a blast, Britt, Sarah and I stayed in our room, had some nice NYC pizza and tried to recover! I decided to stay up till Becca returned and soon after she returned, I crashed the first one, once again!

My loot for Day 2! I did pretty well on restraining myself so these fit very well on my tote! One advantage of limiting yourself because of flight restrictions is that you don't need to take a rolling suitcase to the Javits, because books must fit in your tote!

More to come in the final day of BEA, stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like you had such a fun time at BEA, it sounds like a bookish heaven with authors, ARCs, other bloggers and YES! Definitely bookish people are our people Pili <3

    1. It can be crazy and overwhelming but it is also all sorts of awesome, Jeann!

  2. Did I tell you yet how great it was to meet you? Because it really was! And now I feel kind of bad for making you feel bad about my camera haha! Jk. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time at BEA, Pili!

    1. Yeah, next year my camera will be with me at the BEA floor for sure! ;) I just realized, we didn't take a photo, Hazel! Bummer, but it was great meeting you!

  3. PILI!!!! I WAS SO GLAD I GOT TO MEET YOU!!! You are absolutely adorable and I'm kicking myself right now because we didn't get a picture together. Unacceptable! We'll just have to make sure we meet up again next year ;-)

    Also, there were cupcakes? AND I MISSED THEM?! *sobs*

    1. AGREED!! I'm so very happy that we got to meet and hang out together! AND YESS! WE MUST TAKE A PIC NEXT YEAR! I'm totally going to Chicago btw!!

      Yeah, cupcakes were handed out along with the shield and the sampler! YAY cupcakes!!

  4. I don't usually comment on BEA recaps, but of course it's YOU SO I MUST :D So many familiar faces! I'm glad you had a good time. I love what they did with the Illuminae stairs. Excited for Firewalker and Blood Passage!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. You're the sweetest Alyssa!! Thank you so much for ALWAYS commenting! *hugs*
      The Illuminae stairs were indeed the coolest stairs ever!

  5. I was so engrossed in your wonderful post and wasn't paying attention, so I accidentally rubbed the cat's belly for too long and she nailed me good! Lol. I am glad you got to meet a lot of fellow bloggers as well as authors. :D

  6. Sounds like so much fun :D And so busy and painful too, lol, at least for me ;p But yeah. It seems like you had the most amazing time Pili :) Thank you so much for sharing. <3 Adore the pictures of you :)

    1. Thank you so much sweetie!! It is a bit tough and a bit demanding, but at least I was wearing comfy boots so my feet didn't hurt!

  7. Ha! I love the picture of the you, Jon, and Hazel with the shields. I also love the Tardis cardigan! :)

    1. Thank you Kaitlin!! It's Jon, Melissa and myself in the photo, Hazel was the photographer!!


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