Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let's Celebrate Halloween with Grim Reaper Week AND an INT giveaway!!

Hello guys!!

I'm finally back from vacation and what better way to come back than with a bang and celebrating my favourite holiday: Halloween!!

The lovely Emma of Never Judge a Book by Its Cover decided that we needed to share and celebrate our love of everything Charley Davidson (and let's not forget Reyes Farlow!!) by Darynda Jones and Halloween and decided to do so in the best way possible with Grim Reaper Week!

Emma and myself have a very fun week planned to share our love for the series! We'll share the history of the Grim Reaper, excerpts, fave quotes, some reviews and a very special INTERNATIONAL giveaway for the latest book in the series: Seventh Grave and No Body!

This post should have been up yesterday along with Emma's, but since I was still on vacation and my blogger app in my tablet was acting up... it ended up saved as a draft with wonky bits... But here it is today! The second part of the legend of the Grim Reaper!

The tale begins over at Emma’s blog… here. 

When he stood up, smoky shadows, which spun around in the air like snakes covered his body until they formed a black tattered robe. Then, Life held out his hand and more of these smoky shadows gathered and formed the Death blade, a tall scythe that was black as night, and the blade formed a crescent moon that was half as long as the staff from which it extended. Life gently touched the blade to his hand and then pulled back as a black colored blood dripped down from his hand. He looked to Azrael in his new grim appearance and said in deeply dark but extremely tired voice “Take this scythe and cut down those whose time has run out,” and then he disappeared.

Azrael then began his duty and carried it out extremely well; he became feared and gained a new name as a result, “The Grim Reaper”. As time went on the Reaper grew very tired of following the orders from Life. The Reaper decided he would follow Life through the Omphalos, and take all the power that life controlled for himself. When Life came to Ora to give the Reaper more orders, he was attacked by Azrael. Life became very injured and tried to flee through the Omphalos, but was caught off guard and by surprise on the other side of the Omphalos when the Reaper appeared. The Reaper used his scythe to cut a hole between the universes and bypass the Omphalos, and was able to get to Axiom before Life. He then destroyed Life’s body and absorbed his power.

As the newly born Reaper absorbed this energy and power he laughed out a happy shriek of enjoyment, but then his boney body throbbed, the forces of both Life and Death could not be contained in his weak soul as well as Life’s soul could contain them and his soul shattered into fifty pieces ending him, and giving birth to the Ascendant. The Ascendant was a shade or a ghost who was the remaining power of Life and Death. However the Ascendant could not keep time flowing, he could watch life and deliver it from the creator, but not give death, so he gave one of the fifty shards of the shattered Reaper’s soul to fifty different families, and every Millennia they must fight and collect the shards from one another to become the next reaper.

Darynda was incredibly generous to offer a copy of Seventh Grave and No Body to celebrate Halloween and Grim Reaper Week!

Terms and Conditions. 
It will run for one week and will end midnight on Halloween. 
Once it finishes I will select the winner and email you. Then I will pass your details directly to the publisher so you can receive this prize. 
Good Luck! 

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  1. The reaper legend is cool and does follow Charley and Reyes's story somewhat.

  2. Love Charley Davidson series :3,

  3. I like the reaper legend :) I'm a huge fan of the Charley Davidson series especially the audiobooks! Lorelei King is an amazing narrator :) Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. YAY for coming back from vacation, hih. <3 You are awesome Pili. And I love this post. Not sure if the books are for me, but exciting to read about them :) Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 (not entering the giveaway, but it is awesome.)

    1. Thank you for checking out the post and commenting anyways sweetie!!


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