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Mark This Book Monday: Pivot Point by Kasie West!!

For starting this week's Mark This Book Monday I have a book that one of my fellow bloggers insisted that I should read, and was she right! Thank you so very much to Becca from Pivot Book Reviews!

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)Pivot Point by Kasie West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had heard so many good things about Pivot Point for so long that I was a wee bit scared about reading it, even more since I had heard about the rather heartbreaking ending. But once Split Second released, I knew I had to give this one a chance! (Thank you, Becca, for the push!).

If you haven't read the book, I'm not sure how I can review this book avoiding all kind of spoilers. I'll avoid the bigger ones and most obvious ones, but if you want the book to surprise you, stop reading my review and go get it. It is very much worth reading!

Pivot Point is set in a world were some people have special abilities, and Addison is one of those. Her ability is being able to see the possible futures before she makes a choice. She lives in the Compound, a city where only people with abilities live. Her life is rather ordinary, with her best friend, Laila, school and her parents. Everything changes where her parents surprise her with news of their divorce, and the fact that her dad will be leaving the Compound and living amongst the Norms.

Her parents tell her to use her ability to search her two possible futures and choose the one that she likes most.

I was wondering by this point, if she was gonna do a search and then we'll see her choice, or if the whole book was gonna be about the Search and the options, and I wasn't really sure I was going to like that. And that's the way it works, we get alternate chapters with Addie living with her mum in the Compound and with Addie living with her dad with the Normal people.

Addie's voice was so relatable, even when she had her "teenage" moments I never thought her too typical or too irritating. She was learning who she was without her ability in the Normal world when she's living with her dad, and despite the difficulties she finds herself growing up and making friends, and not defining herself only by her ability. And when she was with her mum, she tries to improve herself but she doesn't have to make the same efforts, life seems a bit more easy for her.

We keep on seeing the plot progress in two different but parallel ways and we get more information with each chapter, complimenting the info from the previous one or something mentioned a pair of chapters back. It seems like we keep on getting bits of half a story each time and what we learn each time keeps on getting a bit worrisome.

The book is driven partly by the mystery and partly by the characters, and we follow two sets of characters, that get fully fleshed out and we get to know very well. By the time Addie has to make a choice, you perfectly understand why she has to make the choice she does, even if it absolutely breaks her heart (and mine!).

After Addie making her choice we see the future she saw play out and we are left wondering if we'd remain heartbroken or how would the future play. By the end of the book I just have no idea what will happen in the sequel, but I knew what I wish somehow would happen!

With an interesting mystery, wonderful real characters and equally beliavable relationships between them. I loved seeing Addie's and Trevor's relationship progress from meeting to friends to being together. And I loved seeing how Laila's and Addie's friendship got through some different kind of hardships in each of the futures but equally got out those stronger.

Very much deserving of 5 stars!!

This was a 5 stars book for sure!

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  1. Great review sweetie :D I'm glad you ended up loving this book :) I have been meaning to read it forever as well.. hoping to do so soonish :D Thank you for sharing. <3

  2. Thank you sweetie! It's a great book and so it's the sequel! I hope you get to binge read them soon!!

  3. Oh, you really need to binge read both books Aman! And I cannot wait till you do so we can discuss them!! =D

  4. I loved loved loved this book! I still haven't read the Split Second, but I'm dyint to!
    I'm happy you loved it!
    Happy reading

    1. It was fantastic indeed! You must read Split Second soon, it was almost better!!

  5. AW! YAY!! I'm so happy my book pushing was well received!! I love that you loved it just as much as me!! :) Great review!!

    1. Thank you, Becca! I'm so glad I read this and Split Second!


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