Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Reads: The Nightmare Dilemma by Mindee Arnett!!

For the first Friday Reads of the week, I have a book that I was very much looking forward to and that I read almost in one sitting and absolutely enjoyed! Made me laugh, made me root for the characters and broke my heart a little bit! Thank you Mindee Arnett for a great sequel!

The Nightmare Dilemma (Arkwell Academy)The Nightmare Dilemma by Mindee Arnett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed The Nightmare Affair and thankfully The Nightmare Dilemma was even better!

Dusty, Eli and the rest of the Dream Team and for that matters the rest of the hiding magical society, are still recovering from the consequences of the battle with the evil sorcerer with the black phoenix pet and the break of the Will.

If I had liked Dusty before, I simply adored her in this one. She's got this quirky and sarcastic sense of humour and she's beginning to try and learn to put a filter between her brain and her mouth, but she's still hilarious. She's grown a bit since TNA and she continues to do so in this book but never losing that teeanage feel to her, with her dashes of rebellious attitude.

I liked Eli a lot more in this book than I did on the previous one. He came into his own, wasn't acting too stereoptypical and he even find a place for himself in the magical midst of Arkwell. It was very sweet the way the attraction and friendship mix was done between Eli and Dusty, and pretty heartwrenching too.

The plot mix of political manouvers, general danger and character interactions and relationships was done very well, and I really liked how despite the main plot was resolved and this book is a chapter in itself, you also get the feeling of the unrealized-as-of-now but constant threat that will come forward in the next book.

The Nightmare Dilemma was a great sequel, didn't suffer from the middle book syndrome at all, and progressed the characters development and relationships with a very engaging plot of its own. And as a bonus, no real cliffhanger. The ending leaves you feeling for the unfairness of it all, but doesn't leave you heartbroken without hope. Well deserved 4 stars!

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  1. So glad this book was even better than the first book, Pili! I haven't read ether book in this series, but I really enjoyed Arnett's Avalon, so I know her books must be good. I'm happy that Dusty is a fantastic character, and that you liked Eli even more! Sounds like a fabulous sequel. Great review, Pili!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thanks a lot, Alyssa! What also great is that it has a lot of funny bits!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed this Pili, sounds like the sequel lived up to the first book. Dusty sounds hilarious and really snarky, fun to read! Great review Pili.

    1. Thanks a lot, Jeann! It was very cute & funny!

  3. So glad to hear this didn't suffer from middle book syndrome - I was putting it off because I was worried that it would! I have it from the library right now so I suppose I'll start reading it. Great review!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I do hope you'll like it!!


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